Bugle Call – Week 5 – 2010

Week Five was chock full of achievement for all Kohahna campers. Everyone got brand new activities for the week and our biggest trip—the Challenge–went out.

On Monday night, before the trip left, Kohahna had a big luau on our beach. There were opportunities to take kayaks and windsurfing boards out, plenty of games, and a bonfire to get dry and have s’mores. We closed the evening by asking each camper what they were truly grateful for.

Tuesday afternoon girls participated in Jazzercise, went to the Culverts, hiked to Pyramid Point, or made friendship bracelets. Then, for Evening Activity camp did a bunch of Peter Pan games! There were songs, stories, and even costumes! It was so fun to see girls young and old dressed up as Wendy, Hook, and Peter.

Wednesday morning the Challenge girls departed camp until Saturday. The Challenge is a competitive camping trip in which twelve Wildwoods campers from each team travel to an off camp site and work to make structures, cook gourmet meals, and play Capture the Flag. True to its name, it is always challenging, but true to Kohahna, it is also an inspiring opportunity for growth in outdoor knowledge as well as character and spirituality.

The rest of camp enjoyed an off-camp Cabin Day Wednesday. It was a very sunny afternoon, so many cabins went to Glen Arbor to swim, do scavenger hunts, or visit the Glen Arbor Art Fair. Juniper took a trip into Leland to explore and play, and Breezeway got to go into Traverse City to go bowling! By Wednesday we had a lot of happy campers! In the evening we enjoyed our usual Wednesday Night Church service and co-ed hymn sing. The girls went to sleep quickly—tuckered out from a long day of fun.

Thursday we were hit with a little rain. It didn’t stop our morning activities, but in the afternoon we had to find ways to entertain ourselves indoors like piñata-making, braiding lessons, or rehearsal for the Talent Show! Thursday night we played a fun version of the Newlywed Game. Campers were quizzed about how well they knew their cabinmates. Then, as a special treat, everyone got root beer floats before bed!

Friday was an exceptional day at camp! On the water, on land, in the woods, and in the arts rooms, young ladies were fulfilling final requirements for the many level achievements this week bought! In the afternoon we had a spectacular and wavy day at the beach after an afternoon of activities like biking, etiquette classes, barn exploration, or even a trip to the Maritime Museum! Friday night younger campers got a chance to support their teams like their teammates on the Challenge with a camp game of Capture the Flag. It was a very active night that ended in some trunk cleaning to prepare for Saturday Clean-Up.

Clean-Up was great! It began to drizzle on Saturday, but the girls persisted in racing around and tidying. Finally, at lunch, camp cheered because the 24 Challenge participants returned! It was a moment of true Kohahna sisterhood as the little ones ran to greet their older friends as they walked up the hill to the Great House. In the afternoon, girls who went on the trip got an extended Rest Hour and the rest of camp snuggled up for a rainy day movie. Then, all cabins rejoined to rehearse for Brown Bag Skits!

The skits were performed after dinner, and they were hilarious. It’s so fun to see cabins getting together and showing their creative sides! After the skits, the Skys surprised the campers with the Sky Show! Counselors all performed skits, lip syncs, and a finale kickline for all of camp. We had a quick dance party before getting everyone ready for an early bedtime.

After our usual Sunday morning routines, all camp (Kohahna and Leelanau) had a Yeehaw time at our mock County Fair! There was apple bobbing, square dancing, pony rides, pigtails, and lots of flannel! After the festivities ended, both camps enjoyed Cook-Out and headed up to Council Fire.

As usual at Council Fire we played a team challenge (Swords), sang songs, and heard about everyone’s achievements of the week. The Council Fire theme for the week was Tolerance. We talked about tolerance with a metaphor of flowers. In a garden, we see that just because flowers are different doesn’t mean one kind is better or worse than another kind. We can respect others the same way. When someone is different, we should respect their uniqueness with tolerance before discounting it as negative. We also reminded the girls to be optimistic about others’ growth. If we were to throw away seeds because they were not yet blooming, we would never be able to make a garden flourish. We should see every single person as someone who is important to the whole and has the potential to be great and teach us great things.

At the end of Council Fire we found out that the Sands won the Challenge, and both teams rejoiced in a full week of hard work and growth. We closed the night with our Kohahna hymn and headed back to camp. We are sure 6th week will bring lots of fun and even more growth.