Bugle Call – Week 5 – 2012

It was another wonderful (and busy) week at Kohahna! The campers had so many highlights to share at Council Fire. Tons of campers shared they enjoyed playing Capture the Flag and many more told how they loved Cabin Day (cabins went to Glen Arbor to go tubing, to an art show, did a photo scavenger hunt, and enjoyed delicious ice cream)! Many girls loved the County Fair, an afternoon with Leelanau that included pony rides, face painting, line dancing, watermelon seed spitting, the waterslide, and more. Lots of girls wore their cowboy boots and braids for the occasion!

Other girls’ highlights were their morning activities. We heard campers share gratitude for Waterskiing, Riflery, Horseback Riding,CampCrafts, Conditioning, and Sailing. One camper shared her highlight was overcoming a fear of doing a “wet exit” in Kayaking. In Waterskiing, a fifth grader worked on her slalom waterskiing, young campers mastered cartwheels and somersaults in Gymnastics, and the Sailing class was so enthusiastic they even wanted to sail in the rain! Dance and Horseback Riding both had campers working on Expert levels and leading the class, which is always a huge accomplishment! Arts and Crafts experimented with making button bowls,CampCraftssucceeded in lighting lots of one-match fires and baking a cake, and the Canoeing class canoed every day, even through the waves. It was a great week of morning activities! 

This week was also the Challenge, a competitive camping trip between the Sands and Pines. 24 campers spend four days creating a home in the woods, preparing meals, lashing structures, and playing Capture the Flag. The girls on the Challenge had many highlights to share. One camper shared she appreciated the love between the Pines and the Sands, another said that her favorite part was having a spontaneous dance party on the last night, and lashing structures just using wood and twine. One girl loved rapping with her teammates when they were in “jail” during Capture the Flag. Even though the Sand team won, both teams did an excellent job! They all agreed that one of their highlights was being welcomed back to camp with so much love!