Bugle Call – Week 5 – 2014

This week, the week of the Challenge, has been a much-anticipated week at Kohahna. Wildwoods had been preparing for the annual Sand versus Pines competitive camping trip.

For those of you who do not know what the Challenge is, a brief explanation is in order! Wildwood campers, the older bunch of young women, embark every summer on this trip and put into practice their reliance on God, their athletic ability, the K qualities, and their creativity. The trip went on Wednesday morning and returned on Saturday afternoon. During this period of time each team had the opportunity to prepare delicious meals, lash structures such as a dinner table, a backpack rack, a meal preparation table, and a judges tower. The girls also played capture the flag against the other team. Each team has been judged and given points according to their creativity in structure building and meals,  their sportsmanship, the flag scoring during the challenge  and the overall excellence of their camp sight and team spirit. This trip is, as always, a wonderful opportunity for the young ladies to express the highest form of competition where each opponent acts with graciousness, love, and a genuine desire to do their best. Points garnered from the Challenge are a large factor in determining whether the Sands or Pines win each summer.

Meanwhile, back at camp we had a wonderful week as well! On Tuesday night, as the Challenge girls had their traditional hair braiding and t-shirt making session before they left, the remainder of Kohahna campers had Crazy Night! Everyone put on their craziest attire, zebra prints, tutus, neon tights, etc, and played games such as kick the can and ghost in the graveyard.

Wednesday morning, we said our goodbyes to the ladies going on the Challenge and watched them march across the great lawn, cheering their respective teams. It was a bittersweet day, we were sad to see our Wildwoods go, but excited for cabin day! And even though we were short a few KOH women, there was no shortage of pep and fun… Cabin day activities included flower picking in Suttons Bay, getting ice cream cones, tubing, shooting the culverts, and trips the Glen Arbor playground. We topped off the day with a wonderful Wednesday night gratitude service at the Christian Science church in Glen Arbor! Several churchgoers commented on how well behaved and delightful our campers were. What a treat!

On Thursday, the weather was outstanding: sunny, no wind, but not too hot. Afternoon activities took full advantage of the beautiful weather. They included hula hooping adventures, an extreme dance party that ended in a water balloon fight, kayaking to the shipwreck, shooting the culverts, waterskiing, and bathing the horses. The evening followed up with an even more amazing activity, Pirate Night. The girls dressed up in their best pirate gear, moustaches included, and played the first ever game of Pirates and Cargo.

 On Friday, we had “Bring the Fun” night where we celebrated our summer theme by breaking all the campers up into five teams for the five qualities we are learning about: patience, forgiveness, gratefulness, obedience, and selflessness. With a splash of color for each team (each quality was assigned a color) we made team bracelets, team hulu hoop dances, a collage that represents the different qualities, some songs and cheers, and off course we ended the night down at our beautiful beach to play sharks and minnows, and to give gratitude! It was a FUN day!

On Saturday, smiles broke across all of our faces when we heard the Challenge girls return to camp singing the Kohahna cheer. We were so happy to have our Challenge girls return! While they rested, the remainder of Kohahna went to Empire beach for a sunny day on the sandy beaches and clear water of Lake Michigan. That evening, we all went to dinner in our comfiest pajamas and brought all of our pillows and blankets to the Great House for a movie night. We relaxed, cuddled up, and enjoyed tangled for our first time together since Tuesday.

Sunday brought our day at the “County Fair” where the Leelanau soccer field is turned into all sorts of booths for festive fair activities. We had the horses out, we had a pie eating competition, we had tug of war, we had line dancing, water melon eating, corn hole playing, and a slew of other fun activities! This all lead up to our evening at Council Fire where we had our usual enthusiasm and repose, as well as the reveal of the Challenge victor: congratulations SAND TEAM 2014! It’s been a great week, and with two more left, we plan to keep all the good coming!!