Bugle Call – Week 5 – 2015

Integrity is Power! This week, as a part of the summer theme climbing the “Heights of Mind,” we learned about the importance of integrity. We kicked this week’s lesson off with our all-camp metaphysical, where the campers learned such things as the importance of moral uprightness, honesty, spiritual discernment, and obedience to God. To illustrate these points we talked about Abraham, from The Book of Genesis, and his unfailing trust in the one God!

On Monday, the campers participated in afternoon activities such as Line Dancing, a Dip a Thon, an Extreme Ninja Party, A Port Oneida Bike Ride, and a beach walk with Petoskey hunting! That evening, the Wildwoods headed to The Narrows, or Little Glen, where we engaged in a Sportsmanlike competitive game of Water Polo.  While the Wildwoods ran, and scored goals at Water Polo, the younger Waukeena section spent their evening at Sleeping Bear Dunes running in the sand! Many feet were buried, many smiles were had, and laughter could be heard all around the dune from our girls!

On Tuesday,  for afternoon activities, girls did Mod Podge Tuesday, where they clipped pictures out from magazines and created colorful collages on a myriad of objects. Others partook in the Pyramid point book club,  1940’s style Swing Dance, or played Water Balloon Lacrosse. All the while, the Challenge girls spent their time in the woods perfecting their Camp Craftsmanship skills in preparation for their departure the next morning. That evening, the campers took part in a fire building and s’more roasting competition, while the Challenge girls made their “Chall” shirts and wrapped up all preparations (major hair braiding party).

The very next morning, on Wednesday, the Challenge marched across the lawn to depart for their four-day competitive trip in the woods. After saying their goodbyes, those who stayed back at camp returned to Daily Cleanup. That afternoon, girls headed out for off camp Cabin Day celebrations! The festivities included trips to Leeland and the Leeland candy shop, an afternoon at Empire Beach, Tubing, and a trip to the dunes. The day was capped off by a beautiful testimony service at the First Church of Christ Scientist, Glen Arbor. What a Soul-filled day it was!

Thursday was a beautiful sun shining day! We took full advantage of the warmth by Shooting the Culverts or “Pew Pewing the River Tunnel,” Paddleboarding, and an Art Party on the Great House Deck. That night, in the spirit of the Challenge, the girls on camp played Capture the Flag. “Caught! Caught! Caughts!”  and “Flag! Flag! Flags!” Could be heard across the Great Lawn. The activity was a highlight for many of the girls!

On Friday we had a beautiful and hot day! Many a water activity ensued for the afternoon, and laughs and shouts of joy could be heard from the direction of the beach. In the evening, our activity was Christmas Eve in JULY!!! The Great Room became a little Christmas haven. We made secret santa gifts, drank hot chocolate with marshmallows and peppermint sticks, played musical chairs to Christmas music, read favorite holiday stories, and took “family photos” in our Christmas outfits. We shared gratitude and decorated the Great Room for Christmas!

Saturday morning brought the usual routine of cabin clean-up and week end inspection! More importantly, it brought the return of the Challenge participants! We all reunited at lunch and it was a joyous occasion. We had a restful afternoon, making and decorating Christmas cookies, and watching the holiday favorite- Elf! We had a beach period and enjoyed our amazing waterfront property before gathering together for dinner and an evening of fun.

Sunday church was special as usual!! The girls gained much from their classes and the good sharing. In the afternoon, we did our first ever Kohahna Bop! What is Kohahna Bop? Well, it’s our newly formed girls camp dance troop! Campers and counselors alike joined together to learn a choreographed routine to a Bruno Mars song, Uptown Funk, re-written with our “Heights of Mind” themed lyrics. We then performed the dance at Cook-Out that very evening in Flash Mob style, surprising the boy’s camp with our cheer and camp spirit! It was a lot of fun!! That evening, at Council Fire, we learned more about the summer theme through the introduction of the quality of patience! Patience is freedom, and includes grace, and poise! We will continue to let Mind unfold this quality for us all week! One other piece of big news from Council Fire with the announcement of the PINE VICTORY for the Challenge! We are so very proud of all the girls who played for their teams out on the Challenge and we appreciate the graciousness, sportsmanship, and love expressed so plainly!