Bugle Call – Week 5 – 2016

It just keeps getting better at Kohahna! This week pushed all the campers to grow—and the fruitage was extensive and inspiring. The trip called “the Challenge” went out this week, and nearly all of our Wildwood campers headed out to the woods to compete on this trip. This left plenty of opportunities for our 2nd-7th grader to be our leaders around camp! Let’s hear about the week at Kohahna first…

Morning Activities-

This was a great week for achievement in morning activities! Because nearly half of the girls were out on the Challenge, the campers here on camp had lots of individualized instruction. It was a triumphant week—levels were passed in nearly every activity. One special activity this week was a painting class. Many campers were excited about this activity, and we now have plenty of new art pieces for our art show at the end of the summer! The class enjoyed painting with acrylics and watercolor.

We had beautiful sunny days, so the waterfront activities were grateful for many days of good weather for their activities. Sailing had three beautiful mornings on the lake (the waves were too big to sail on two of the days), and the Swimming class enjoyed visiting Glen Lake on the days Lake Michigan was a little too wavy to swim in.

Afternoon Activities —

This week was hot hot hot! Our afternoon activities focused on enjoying the lake and staying cool. Highlights from the waterfront include sailing, playing on the raft, kayaking to the shipwreck, synchronized swimming and paddle boarding. We also offered activities for level passing (continuation of morning activities) to finish projects- Silversmithing, Horseback Riding, and Climbing all had the chance to go out in the afternoon as well.

Evening Activities –

Kohahna’s evening activities this week gave our Waukeenas (2nd-6th grade campers) a lot of opportunities to shine! On Monday, before the Challenge girls left, the Wildwoods (7th-12th grade) played Water Polo in the Shallows of Glen Lake while the Waukeenas climbed the front side of the Sleeping Bear Dunes. The Water Polo game was very close—the Pines claimed the victory, 3-2 in the last moments of the game. The Waukeenas loved playing on the dunes, jumping, running around, and even learning a little about dune ecology.

Tuesday night was a perfect night for our Kohahna luau on the beach. The sun set over the lake, painting the sky with beautiful hues as campers swam, played team building games, and learned to dance the hula. On Wednesday, the campers enjoyed attending a lovely testimony meeting in Glen Arbor with a stop afterwards for a sweet treat at Riverfront ice cream! Thursday evening the campers played Pirates & Cargo, a game that involves running, note passing, and lots of pirating, of course.

On Friday, the campers played Capture the Flag on the great lawn (rather than in the woods) and the oldest girls still on camp really excelled as they led their teams on offensive raids and defensive fronts. The Pines won 5-0, but both teams were very invested in the game and put their best sportsmanship to work. All in all, this week’s evening activities pushed our younger campers to take the initiative to step up into leadership roles, and we loved seeing them all excel!

The Challenge-

Twelve campers from each team (Sands and Pines) participated in this competitive camping trip. The camper teams each took two counselors with them, and two other counselors served as the judges of the trip (to evaluate who won overall). In addition to playing Capture the Flag, the teams were evaluated on meal preparation, timeliness, structure building (both the integrity of the structure and the timeliness of the project), and their attitude/morale. Both teams cooked delicious meals, made excellent structures and had beautiful campsites. They also snagged many flags to earn points in the Capture the Flag game. Ultimately the Sand team came out on top, though both teams were impressive and successful!

Summer Theme-

During the 5th week of camp our focus was on the topic of “Perfect Love” as it relates to the fulfillment of Principle’s purpose for us. Through reading several citations from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, campers and staff alike began to see that perfect Love fulfills the law, and casts out fear (just like the Bible tells us).  Principle’s nature is to perfect us through His tender Love, and we gratefully learned of this in our study. We look forward to studying “Perfect Peace” during 6th week.

The Weekend-

One fun thing to highlight from our jam-packed weekend was the co-ed Olympics on Sunday. The campers were split up into 10 groups and each given a country to represent! Each Country competed with another country in a rotation series of Summer Olympic events. We had our own camp versions of gymnastics, ping pong, soccer, archery, volleyball and a running race.  Believe it or not, Team USA pulled out the victory with Germany and Canada at a close second.

We look forward to another two fantastic weeks of camp!