Bugle Call – Week 5 – 2017

It has been another beautiful week at Kohahna! Campers out on trips and back at camp were all pushed to grow through the activities they participated in. The competitive camping trip called “The Challenge” went out this week, and many of our Wildwood campers went out to compete on this trip. This left plenty of opportunities for the Waukeena campers to step up into leadership roles on camp all week long.

This was a great week for achievement in morning activities! Because many of the girls were out on the Challenge, the campers here on camp had lots of individualized instruction. It was a triumphant week—levels were passed in several activities! The waterfront activities this week were grateful for many days of good weather— Swimming had several beautiful mornings on the lake, and Kayaking enjoyed a few days of calm water as well! The Waterskiing class was also incredibly successful; campers worked on dropping skis and slaloming! The Dance and Drama classes continued preparing more skits and dances to be performed at the end of the session. Climbing had a great week learning how to belay, tie different knots, and climb more difficult routes. The Nature class was also on the move this week observing animals around camp, and they even took a trip down Port Oneida Road to see a beaver dam! The fruitage from morning activities this week was extensive and inspiring—we can’t wait to see more in action next week!

Kohahna’s evening activities this week gave our Waukeenas lots of opportunities to shine! On Monday, before the Challenge girls left, we played Water Polo in the shallows of Glen Lake. The Wildwood Water Polo game was very close—the Sands claimed the victory, 3-2. Tuesday night, we played a game similar to Capture the Flag where campers got to strategize about how to obtain the most flags. On Wednesday, we enjoyed an inspiring church service filled with testimonies of healing and gratitude shared for examples of how Divine Love has met every human need.

Thursday evening the campers played Pirates & Cargo, a game that involves running, note passing, and lots of pirating of course. We finished the night off with a sunset dip in Lake Michigan to cool off from the warm day! On Friday evening, we had a two-part activity: the first half of the night we spent playing the Pillowcase Game, then we transitioned to playing three-legged kickball! For the Pillowcase game, each cabin puts as many miscellaneous items into a pillowcase as they can, in hopes that those items will be listed by counselors during the game. For every item the cabin brings that also matches the list made by the counselor, the cabin gets a point. The Waukeenas had a great time being creative with the items they brought to the game, and were excited to play an active game of kickball on the Great House lawn afterward. All in all, the evening activities this week pushed our younger campers to take the initiative to step up into leadership roles, and we loved seeing them all excel!

This week, cabins had the opportunity to do fun activities around camp! We had cabins paddleboard to the clay pits down the shore on Lake Michigan, go on an extensive scavenger hunt that included a fun prize at the end, hike to Pyramid Point to make a music video, do team-building activities, and help make the dessert that was served after dinner. It was a fun-filled afternoon of cabin time that helped each cabin grow closer and feel more bonded!

The largest trip that went out this week was The Challenge from Wednesday to Saturday. On this trip, eleven wildwood campers from each team (Sand and Pine) travel into the woods where they essentially build a home for themselves. Throughout the course of the trip, both teams prepare their own meals over a fire, build structures, and play Capture the Flag, all the while being judged and receiving scores for each component.

In addition to the Challenge, the cabins of Evergreen and Juniper headed to Leelanau State Park for an overnight on Thursday. They had a great time hiking on the beach, practicing setting up tents, cooking over a stove, and being exposed to spending a night in the woods!

There were many highlights shared by campers and counselors alike this week at Council Fire! Some of them include Cabin Day, playing the Kohahna version of the Hunger Games, practicing tackling for the Challenge during Water Polo, sharing laughs and late nights on the Challenge, dipping in Lake Michigan after playing Pirates and Cargo, and having hilarious moments during Three-Legged Kickball. It was an incredible week of creative activities and beautiful weather!

Our all-camp metaphysical this week took place on Monday when all of the Challenge girls were back in camp. This week we discussed Sarah from the Bible, and the spiritual significance of her healing of barrenness. We learned about how this demonstration of life eternal proves our dominion over material sense, shows that with difficulty you can have joy, and that with God all things are possible. The K-Quality we are focusing on this week is Initiative. In Science and Health we read, “Mind-science teaches that mortals need “not be weary in well doing.” It dissipates fatigue in doing good. Giving does not impoverish us in the service of our Maker, neither does withholding enrich us.” This week we are learning that taking initiative, doing good, and expressing God in all that we do only yields good results.