Bugle Call – Week 5 – 2018

No surprise here that 5th week was a BALL! We played hard, worked hard, and demonstrated what Kohahna means in everything we did (achievement!)

I know we say this every week, but we really did have SUCH full mornings of activities. Every area of Kohahna was bopping with activities – our waterfront was in full swing with sailors braving the wind, as well as kayakers, canoers and swimmers making great progress in passing their levels. The riding ring was full of trotting and cantering, the Riflery and Archery ladies worked on getting those bullseyes, and Camp Crafts made some impressive fires and learned more about using a camp stove too. Arts & Crafts class made tic-tac-toe game boards, the Silversmithing ladies produced some very intricate and creative hanging projects, and the Ceramics crew made piggy banks, sculptures and even did a little wheel work. Drama class played improv games and did some scene work, while Tennis worked on serves and played some tennis games.

It was another awesome week of evening activities. On Monday night we played soccer and the Chicken Game, and on Tuesday evening we played an old Kohahna favorite- Human Stratego, based on the board game from the 50’s. It was a complete hit for everyone- from the youngest Waukeenas to the oldest Wildwoods. On Wednesday we enjoyed an evening Testimony Meeting and hymn sing, and on Thursday we went to the shallows where we all were able to play Water Polo.  It was so neat to see the Waukeenas and Wildwoods play so hard and express so much sportsmanship. On Friday we loaded up the Big Blue Bus and with our Leelanau brothers headed over to the Leelanau School – where at one point, camp was located! We joined the open-mic night style bonfire called “Beach Bards.”  While there, we shared some camp songs (and camper written haikus) and learned some new songs too – adding some jams to our repertoire. Saturday evening featured a much anticipated favorite – Lip Sync! From the Backstreet Boys … to an Italian Opera … to ‘In Summer’ from Frozen, it was another epic evening of singing (or really just pretending to sing) dancing and great costumes.

Wednesday means two things at camp- Cabin Day and Church! This week was off-camp Cabin Day which meant we were able to explore the new playground in Glen Arbor and the beach in Empire. Other cabins were able to take advantage of the beautiful weather and tubed on Glen Lake while another cabin went to a U-Pick flower farm in Omena to pick flowers and learn “fiscal responsibility.” Their bouquets are now beautifully displayed in the dining room. Of course, many of these cabin adventures included ice cream.

We had a fun, full and diverse weekend! In addition to Lip Sync, we also had a chance to learn more about the Christian Science Monitor and had two camp alumni work with us to learn more about the publication’s purpose. The older Kohahna campers were able to do some tackle practice in preparation for the Challenge, and the Waukeenas went on a frog catching adventure at our nearby pond. On Sunday we celebrated a KOH/LEE favorite- County Fair! It included pony rides, bobbing for apples, and line dancing – just to name a few of the activities!

We love trips! This week gave our young Wildwood campers awesome leadership opportunities to take some rad overnights out. On Tuesday, our Kohahna ladies who are working on their expert level in Nature planned and led an overnight where they shared their knowledge on everything from invasive plants in Northern Michigan to stages of the Sand Dunes! On Friday, the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders went on the Kangaroo Overnight where they learned how to build and lash structures, cook more complex meals on an open fire, and play Capture the Flag in the woods. This helped to get many of the girls prepped and ready for the Challenge which goes out this week. The CTs plan and lead this trip with help from the 8th graders.

During Council Fire we focused on the K-Quality Joyfulness, and the cabins of Falling Star and Evergreen helped to present other ways we could understand the quality. They described Joyfulness as, Jubilant, Optimistic, Youthful, Find the good, Unconditional happiness from God, Living the most joyfully you can, Nice to be around, Expressing gratitude, Spending every moment uplifted, Savoring everyday with joy. Our theme quality we worked with was the idea of Spiritual Individuality- knowing that who you are and how you define yourself spiritually is not measured materially. It’s not based on your hair color or what sport you play or where you live.  Your spiritual individuality is the way each of you manifest and express God’s qualities. Our spiritual individuality is always complete-never lacking! Each camper and counselor stood up and shared a quality that they express – we loved hearing the ways they acknowledged their own goodness.

We are jumping right in to 6th week! Thanks for keeping up with us and all the lovely ladies here at Kohahna!

xo North Star