Bugle Call – Week 5 – 2021

Wowee kazowee! So much happened during week five! Here is a series of haikus that describe our week:

Ding! Ding! Goes the bell,
it’s the start of a new week.
Let’s get it y’all, yeah!

Found out the *Chal teams
and they got to work quickly.
It’s grind time ladies.

In Camp, we played games
such as Pirates and Cargo
and Counselor Hunt.

Meanwhile, Chal girls
learned tackling through Rugby drills
and made team t-shirts.

Wednesday the Chal left;
we bid them a sweet farewell
with lots of big hugs.

Meanwhile, the play
continued at Camp with more
games and Cabin Day.

**Eight Sticks was a hoot
in random teams of peanut
butter and jelly.

We took a field trip
to South Bar Lake, swam around
and jumped off the dock.

Despite a small camp,
we made the best of the week
and had such a blast.

Saturday morning
The Challenge returned! Wahoo!
They slept for the day.

As per tradition,
we had a chill movie night
to conclude the eve.

Camp is full again!
Yay! Week six is upon us.
Let’s rock it, ladies!


North Star

*The Challenge (a.k.a. ‘The Chal’) is a four-day, three-night competitive camping trip where the Sand and Pine teams individually make a home in the woods. Twelve of the oldest campers from each team and two counselors build this said home with found fallen logs that are sawed, lashed with twine, or sunken into the ground to create structures. The structures they build include a fire table for cooking, a prep table to act as a kitchen counter, a baker to store food, a dining table, a backpack rack, a latrine, and a judge’s tower for Capture the Flag. In addition to building these key features of their woods home, the teams prepare three gourmet meals a day over a fire for the team and two judges. The final element of this exciting trip is Capture the Flag where both teams strategically raid each other’s sites to get flags and defend their own. The three games of Capture the Flag that the young women played were full of energy, good raids, and solid defense. Keeping in mind that this is a four-day trip, what is asked of these campers seems like a lot to accomplish. But both teams achieved so much this summer with grace and success. The Challenge pushes campers outside of their comfort zones, resulting in so much growth and empowerment in personal capability. While this trip is named The Challenge for a reason, it is a source of many fun memories. It was so impressive to see all that was accomplished by both teams. As it is a competitive trip, a winner is determined by the judges who evaluate the structures, meals, and games. This year’s winner was the Pine team!

**a spin on Capture the Flag