Bugle Call – Week 5 – 2022

Week 5 started off with a bang! On Sunday afternoon, we had our first ever Lumberjack Festival with Leelanau. Everyone dressed up in their best lumberjack outfit and participated in some crazy competitions such as log standing and ax throwing. The rest of our Sunday moved along as normal with Cookout and Council Fire. On Monday we returned to our regular weekday schedule. We played Sand vs. Pines Superlatives in the evening and had some silly competitions such as who can sing most of the song Bohemian Rhapsody. The campers had a lot of fun and everyone was super excited to go to bed a little early that night and get a little extra rest after the big day we had Sunday.
Tuesday we woke up to some hot weather and had the most refreshing dips of the session! To combat the heat that night we played an epic game of Waterslide Kickball. Everyone had to slide on a slip n slide into each base and slide down our big waterslide at the end into the home if they wanted to score. The campers absolutely loved it and were soaked by the end of the night. We wrapped up just in time for everyone to take a quick shower and head to bed.
By the time Wednesday rolled around all the campers were so excited for Off Camp Cabin Day. We had cabins going all over the place! We had campers taking over the Sand Dunes, surfing the big waves (on cardboard), playing in Empire, doing random acts of kindness in Glen Arbor, and exploring Leland. The campers could not stop talking about all the adventures they went on! We had a lovely rest of the evening with Wednesday Church and Hymn Sing outside.
On Thursday, we introduced a new Evening Activity to the 4 weekers, called Three Blind Mice. On four different teams, the campers had so much fun running around with blindfolds on trying to steal each other’s cheese (a dodgeball).
Friday was super exciting because it was CT DAY!!! The CTs woke the whole camp up yelling and banging on pots and pans and led us down to dip altogether. The CTs really got into leading songs on the deck before Breakfast. They then lead us in some super fun Afternoon Activities such as playing in the zorb ball, slip n slide, and extreme hide and seek. In the evening, they ran an all-camp Zumba activity and the campers had so much fun dancing the night away.
On Saturday we headed down to the beach in the afternoon for an epic beach battle with Leelanau. The campers had to create sand masterpieces, race in canoes, and test their strength in a tug of war competition. We spent plenty of time coming in and out of the water to keep cool since it was HOT! Everyone had so much fun. In the evening, we loaded up the Big Blue Bus and headed to The Shallows to play one of our all-time favorite games – Waterpolo!!! While the Wildwoods played an epic game of Waterpolo, the Waukeenas spent some time playing on the Sand Dunes.
Overall, 5th week was a big hit. We are so excited to see what happens during 6th week with both The Challenge and the Women of the Wilderness trips going out!

Peace Out!
North Star