Bugle Call – Week 6 – 2010

Week Six began rolling at super-speed with all new morning activities, an afternoon of fun, and the opportunity to have a professional come in to instruct Zumba! Zumba is a jazzercise-like dance work-out inspired by Latin dancing. Camp was stepping and jumping to a salsa beat all night! Everyone was wiped by Taps—ready to start a new day!

Tuesday began with two trips going out. A group of girls departed on a hiking trip to Grand Island, and another group spent the week on a climbing trip! Both were fruitful endeavors in camping skill, self-discovery, and pushing limits. We were happy when the girls returned at the end of the week with stories and ratings under their belts.

On camp, campers enjoyed usual weekly activities, and in the afternoon girls were all over camp–working out on the basketball courts, playing on the playground, doing the rock wall, learning photography skills, and in the barn with the horses. At night Pines and Sands came together to compete in Superlatives. Each team split up with a list of superlative categories and had to pick an older and younger girl to represent her team against two representatives from the opposing team. Categories included “longest hair”, “best accent”, “fastest in a sprint race”, “most freckles”, and some funny categories like “best joke” and “funniest face.” The night was full of laughter, and the result was an exact tie between teams!

Wednesday was another great Cabin Day! This week we were on camp for the fun. Many cabins made t-shirts and had cabin bonding time. Other cabins went down to the beach. Other notable Cabin Days were Stardust (who made cake for camp’s dessert after dinner) and Birchview (who went on a scavenger hunt that led to materials for cookie baking in Leelanau Lodge). Wednesday night was particularly peaceful. There was a light breeze all evening wafting into the Great Room as we had our church service and hymn sing. As Kohahna went to sleep, the waves crashing on the beach echoed up to cabins—a lullabye to end the calm night.

Thursday activities included canoeing, jogging, windsurfing, writing gratitude letters, and hiking to name a few. Thursday night a large group of Wildwoods took the unique opportunity to hop on Big Blue and see a Traverse City Beach Bums game! The rest of camp donned yellow and green and played soccer. Although girls were gone at the Beach bums game and others were missing from trips, each team played their best and had a great time working as small units! Our Sky Team even performed a half-time show!

Friday was a CT Appreciation Day! CTs helped plan afternoon activities including a swamp trekking trip and relaxing beach solo/reading time. At night all the CTs celebrated the Disney princesses and planned a whole evening of fun games and stations based on the different characters. Campers all dressed up and had a blast!

Saturday started out with rain, but by the end of Quiet Time it was barely drizzling so Clean-Up could continue without a hitch. The cabins were spotless, and every single one passed inspection! It was a competitive week in cabin clean-up, but Birchview kept it’s spot as Honor Cabin for the Wildwoods while Driftwood lost out to Falling Star for the first time this summer!

Saturday afternoon the Sands announced that the Sand Show would be that evening! So, after rest hour the Sands headed up to the Great House to rehearse for the final performance while the Pine all headed to Empire to visit the Dune Museum.

The show was excellent! The theme was Sand Bedtime Stories. Campers sat on mattresses instead of benches, ate popcorn, and heard from MCs dressed up as storytellers and the Sandman. After the senior kickline all camp had a dance party and enjoyed some yellow cake!

Sunday began with the last breakfast on North Star’s porch of the summer! The weeks have absolutely flown by! After church, bookmarking time, and lunch the girls found out that we would be having Salad Day in the afternoon! Salad Day meant splitting up the camp into small teams to travel around to various stations all across camp with salad dressing themes. There was a country dancing station for Ranch, a funny game about space travel for Russian, some frolicking for Poppyseed, etc. When teams did well, they were awarded with fake lettuce leaves, and the point was to have the most bountiful salad by dinner time! The campers loved it!

After Cook-Out we made our way up to Council Fire. We did the very spirited fire-burning challenge this week, sang songs, celebrated achievements, and awarded campers in their excellence. This week’s quality of The Real Me was boldness. Campers learned that boldness doesn’t necessarily mean being loud. It means having the confidence to stand up for what is right. We asked them to think about boldness in three steps. First, are they giving themselves enough time and support to think about right and wrong choices before they are presented with those choices? Second, are they able to stick to what they have decided when they do make a choice? Third, are they able to stand up for what is right even when no one else does? We asked the girls to consider how they could be bold in the upcoming week as we made our silent walk back to camp.Bugle