Bugle Call – Week 6 – 2014

What a joyful sixth week it has been! Kohahna kicked off this week with a metaphysical talk on the topic of obedience, one of the core qualities in this summer’s theme, “Bring the Fun”. This metaphysical talk put emphasis on recognizing what we are giving our attention and time to, are we being obedient to God?

Monday was a beautiful day of warmth, sunshine, and smiles. Counselors made sure to take full advantage of the wonderful weather with several outdoor activities including beach kickball, nature photography 101, Human Foosball, a beach walk marathon, and tubing. An activity of working on shiny things (also known as Silversmithing) was offered to campers. That evening, Kohahna girls played Newlyweds, a great way to see how well you know your cabin mates! One camper was selected from each cabin to go answer a set of questions in secret. The rest of the cabin mates were given the same questions, for which they had to guess the answer their selected cabin mate might give. Such questions included, how many Kohahna trips we have been on, what is our favorite hymn, what color is our hairbrush, how many dogs we have, etc!  The Newlyweds game is a great way for the girls to have lighthearted fun, and to further solidify their cabin bonds.

Additionally, on Monday, a handful of campers left for the climbing trip in Marquette, MI, an a-typical trip that offers more of an emphasis on climbing instead of hiking, and having fun, of course! Each time a Kohahna trip goes out, a camper has the opportunity to “quartermaster” the trip. Quartermastering is an opportunity for campers to sharpen and develop their leadership skills. Quartermasters make meals and ideally lead the trip. Doing so is a requirement for campers to pass the higher levels in camp crafts and to achieve their Trail Blazer and/or Merit Hat award.

Tuesday Evening we had an evening activity of Zumba, which was a total hit, as always! The girls love the organized dance routines and music component! On Wednesday, the Kohahna girls woke up to a surprise, the counselors singing bedtime taps! This was only because Wednesday was none other than backwards day! We started off the day with dinner, then church, followed by cabin day, lunch, and then clean up, quiet time, and then breakfast. The day was capped off by dips at the beach and a wonderful sunset beach period. Also on Wednesday evening, the two oldest cabins had the opportunity to go to Glen Arbor for church since they had missed it the week before during the Challenge. It was a highlight for all!

On Thursday, we had an amazing Kohahna Luau that definitely brought the fun! It was a beautiful evening, with a sky filled with pastel colors and all of the Kohahna girls in their best luau outfits. The Luau was complete with a banana boat making station, a hula dancing station, paddle boarding, balloon launching, limbo, a luau themed photo-shoot, and hula music, of course! The sunset that evening was magnificent, as the sun dipped behind North Manitou, the thin wisps of clouds were emblazoned with pinks and oranges. The sailors of Kohahna were able to take advantage of this by taking a sunset sail. It was a picturesque evening filled with blessings and happy smiles!

Friday was a very merry Christmas in July! That afternoon, the ladies of Kohahna played “reindeer games” including caroling, Santa’s workshop in Silversmithing, body sledding (body surfing) at Empire Beach, and Christmas cookie decoration. That concluded the celebration of Christmas in July, and that evening we played Capture the Flag. No flags were had that night, by either team, but fun was had by all!

After Saturday inspection, the Pine team had the fortune of going on a hike at the Empire Bluffs in nearby Empire, MI. The hike is tucked into the hillside all the way up to the overlook of Lake Michigan. Meanwhile, the Sands prepared for the highly anticipated Sand Show! This year’s sand show was based on several shows found on Netflix and was a real hit! The show was followed by the well-loved dance party! All in all, our week was tremendous- full of fun, lots of activities, and plenty of camp bonding! We are all geared up for 7th week and ready to learn, grow, and love more!! Kohahna is bringing the fun!