Bugle Call – Week 6 – 2015

Patience will have her perfect reward! This week’s theme was patience, and we kick started that idea at the Monday Morning Metaphysical.  To illustrate this concept, we talked of the virtue of a woman from The Bible whose long-term illness had been healed by her faith in God and Jesus’ good works. That same afternoon, in celebration of the sunshine and warmth, afternoon activities included Waterskiing, Shooting the Culverts, a Paddle Board Challenge, level passing work in Tennis, and Fairy Sand Castle Competition. That evening we got down and boogied and did Zumba!

On Tuesday, the girls of KOH participated in activities such as a Boat Workout on Glen Lake, Sailing, a Horse Spa, and a gift making session for Pine Cone Pals. That evening we went down to the beach and had a Hawaiian Luau! The Luau included s’more making, surfing or paddle boarding, hula lessons, Sharks and Minnows, and a Hawaiian themed photo session. The evening closed with a dip and a beautiful sunset over the Manitou Islands.

On Wednesday, Cabin Day, we celebrated our love for each other! We did so by taking part in activities such as a Spa Day, Music Video Making, Ziplining and Baking, a Photo Scavenger Hunt and beach time, Cabin Sign Painting and Baking, climbing the High Ropes Course, and creating Cabin T-shirts. The day was capped off by a healing church service and the weekly Kohahna and Leelanau Hymn Sing.

Thursday was CT Appreciation Day! That morning the CT’s enthusiastically ran through the quad and woke everyone up for dips in a very wavy Lake Michigan. That afternoon, the CT’s lead such afternoon activities as Wayne and Stark Industries Country Club otherwise known as a landsports bonanza, Comic Book Construction, Silversmithing, Glen Arbor Beautification (including but not limited to cleaning trash off of the public beach), and Horse Appreciation.  In the afternoon, the CT’s headed a game of Big Base Kickball, which is a spin on regular Kickball where bases can hold an unlimited amount of individuals. It was riotous living!

Activities on Friday included exciting opportunities such as Biking in Glen Arbor, Ceramics Level Passing, Hippie Hang Out, How to French Braid, and a Workout Adventure for sports training. That evening, the Pines hosted the Pine Show. The theme of the Pine Show this year was “Un-Frozen” themed and depicted how Camp Kohahna had been frozen over by the lack of the expression of the seven K Qualities; the expression of said qualities (Joyfulness, Graciousness, Persistence, Orderliness, Leadership, Sportsmanship, and Initiative) unfroze camp and restored it to it’s normal state. It was a hit and ended with an all-camp dance party!

Saturday Kohahna and Leelanau hosted a Biblical Beach Bonanza including various activities such as Human Foosball, Biblical story telling, thicket (a stealthy base capture game), human pac man, and tug of war. It was a fun day with our brother camp, and the campers all enjoyed getting to know their Leelanau brothers, and working with them to see which group could win the most points (each activitiy had one group pairing off against another).  We had 12 groups, each representing a well known Bible character,  and ultimately the group representing Ruth won the entire competition. That evening, we had the Kohahna County Picnic, a rendition of the classic Kohahna activity. We travelled to an off camp park over looking Glen Lake, and had a festive picnic. Then the girls took part in such activities as a Water Cup Line-up, a ring toss, a water gun aim game, a relay race, Giant Jenga, and some classic County Fair booth games. What a joy filled week it was!

On Sunday, we had a major storm hit the Glen Arbor area. Camp was totally protected, and the girls were unaware of magnitude of the storm as they were already inside working on a project called “The Great Gratitude Day.”  We were so thankful that everyone was safe, protected, and that there was no property damage either. We lost power for two days, but thanks to our generator, we had food, water, and lights in the Great House. The only place we didn’t have lights was in the bathhouse and cabins! Good thing we go to bed at 9:15pm! Back to the “great Gratitude Day”, each of the girls made cards for the support staff (maintenance, kitchen, laundry, cleaning, and office) and they were beautiful! They also made some craft projects that will be given as gifts at final banquet! All in all, it was a fun opportunity to recognize people who work very hard to help make camp run smoothly! The evening was capped off with an indoor Council Fire and thoughts for moving forward with a successful 7th week.  Hooray for Kohahna!!!