Bugle Call – Week 6 – 2016

Week six already!! The summer is flying by and we are making the most of our precious time together. It was hot and sunny all week: perfect conditions for lots of fun!


Morning Activities

As always, morning activities were a highlight for all. We had a special former staff member come back to teach painting this week. The class created a mural with the theme “Love is All Around” which depicted a beautiful scene of the lake. The Ceramics classes made many creative projects like an elephant mug, pinch pot, and two advanced sculptures.  In Landsports, the class focused on volleyball, where experienced and new volleyball players honed their skills. On the waterfront, the Sailing class was full of younger girls who had a great time learning the ways of the lake! We saw so much achievement, persistence and joy in our morning activities!


Evening Activities

On Monday, as it was July 25th, we celebrated Christmas! The girls decorated poster board Christmas trees with their own ornaments, played musical chairs and Christmas charades, frosted cookies, and read The Night Before Christmas.  Tuesday night, the girls engaged in a rousing game of Dune Football, playing Pines against Sands. The Sands were victorious with a close score of 1-0. We loved everyone’s enthusiasm and sportsmanship out on the dunes. On Wednesday, the camp woke up to the sound of the counselors singing Taps. Confused? It was Backwards Day! We started the day with a Hymn Sing with Leelanau, ate dinner for breakfast and had our readings and testimony meeting! Cabin Day took place in the morning and Morning Activities were in the afternoon. It was fun to switch it up a little bit. The Wildwoods went into Glen Arbor for an additional church service and the Waukeenas finished the ‘morning’ out with Quiet Time, Clean-Up and extended Dips. On Thursday, the CTs ran the day. They planned an Evening Activity of Zumba and the girls danced their hearts out. On Friday, Kohahna celebrated Halloween! The girls visited different houses of the “Kohahna Neighborhood” experiencing a haunted barn, face paint and, of course, candy. The evening activities this week were enjoyed and appreciated by all!


Cabin Day

This week, many cabins spent their Cabin Day challenging themselves! The youngest cabin headed to the climbing wall, where they overcame fear, challenged themselves to try new things, and gained a great sense of accomplishment. Two of the Waukeena cabins zip lined through the woods while the 6th and 7th graders traversed the High Ropes Course in the Pine Forest. Other girls made cabin t-shirts using tie dye and puffy paint. The girls have been displaying their shirts ever since! Other cabins went on a bike ride, baked cookies, and went to the beach.


Weekend Fun

What a fun and full weekend it was! On Saturday afternoon, the Pine team went on the “Great Pine Adventure”—a trip to nearby Shalda creek to play in the water and the woods. While the Pine team enjoyed their time in the sun, the Sand team was hard at work preparing their annual Sand show. On Saturday evening all of Kohahna dressed up and headed to Old Settlers park for the Kohahna County Picnic. Fun was had by all as campers and counselors rotated through farm themed stations. The stations included learning a line dance from Footloose, an egg toss, corn shucking, and even a pie-eating contest. On Sunday, we were delighted to see the fruits of the Sand team’s labor. In their show, the two Sand CTs played elves that went on a trip to visit all the holidays; they visited Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more on their trip back to Christmas. The show ended with a kickline dance that all the Wildwood Sands performed to a Christmas song. The show was funny and had many great lines—every camper said at least one line, if not many more!



Three trips went out this week! Two CTs and a Shorewood (11th grade) camper led the trips.  Gull’s Nest (2nd grade) went on a princess themed overnight, where they learned princess skills, got their faces painted, and spent time playing in the water. After that they cooked dinner and s’mores in the Pine Forest before sleeping there overnight in tents. Falling Star and Evergreen (4th & 5th grade) went on a “Sports Extravaganza” overnight where they spent the afternoon playing Gaga, volleyball, and Knockout. The girls then camped out on the back property of camp and enjoyed getting a taste of the outdoors. Two of our middle school cabins (Juniper and Windward) went out on a longer overnight at the end of the week. They hiked 12 miles around on the Little Manistee River Trail, where they cooked over camp stoves, swam and enjoyed each other’s company.


Summer Theme

During the 6th week we focused on the concept of “Perfect Peace”.  Through sharing Bible stories and citations from Science and Health, we were able to really unpack the ideas of peace and it’s foundation in Principle.   We loved learning Principle’s purpose for us, and studying together citations such as, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee…” (Isaiah 26). In the 7th week of camp we will focus on “Perfect Harmony”!