Bugle Call – Week 6 – 2017

We can’t believe we are already wrapping up the sixth week of camp! There has been much achievement, and we are grateful to see everyone pushing themselves to do their best in all their activities. With one week left, we are enjoying everything camp has to offer, and having the best time bonding with our cabinmates and fellow campers! See below for details on the past week!

Morning activities were bustling this week! Every single activity had a class, and there were a plethora of levels passed! On the waterfront, we had some very windy days, but that did not discourage the Kayaking, Canoeing, Swimming, Waterskiing and Sailing classes from going out and doing their best to conquer the waves. Back on land we had lots of advanced fire building in Camp Crafts, conquering of fear in Climbing, playing soccer in Landsports, trotting and cantering in Riding, and honing marksmanship skills in Archery and Riflery. The Arts and Crafts class worked on two-point perspective, made imitation stained glass using hot glue and watercolor, and prepared for the Art Show. The Dance and Drama classes continued to prepare for the annual Dance and Drama show at the end of the session. We are very excited to see the final products of all the Art activities next week! There was much achievement in all activities this week, and we are looking forward to the final week of Morning Activities!

There were a wide variety of Evening Activities this week, and we even got to celebrate a few of our favorite holidays! On Monday, Wildwood campers traveled north to Charlevoix for a Christian Science lecture. It was a beautiful evening to delve deeper into our role in the Christian Science Movement, and ask questions about our practice as metaphysicians. While the Wildwoods were away, the Waukeenas played the Chicken Game at camp, which is a game similar to capture the flag, however instead of chasing flags, you try to capture rubber chickens! Tuesday evening, July 25th, we celebrated Christmas in July! The night was complete with Christmas Tree decorating, cookie frosting, and reading a Christmas bedtime story with Santa and the Grinch. It was a creative and hilarious night of fun festivities! On Wednesday, we had a beautiful church service in which many campers shared gratitude and testimonies of healing; this was followed by an inspiring hymn sing that was the perfect ending to the day.

Thursday was CT day! This is a way for camp to show their appreciation for the CTs, and for the CTs to practice all that they’ve learned about leadership and organization throughout the summer. They ran the entire day from morning Dips, to Afternoon Activities, to Evening Activity! They planned an Evening Activity of Superlatives, which is a Pine vs. Sand game in which each team sends a representative who they think will win the contest. There are a wide variety of contests, some of which include: who can do the longest handstand, who has the weirdest collection, who has the longest hair, and many more. The campers loved having the CTs lead the day! On Friday, Kohahna celebrated Halloween!

For this week’s Cabin Day, cabins headed off camp to do activities in Leland and Glen Arbor! The oldest cabin of Shorewood spent time at the library in Leland picking out their favorite childhood books and reading them to one another. The cabin of Breezeway spent the afternoon doing random acts of kindness in Glen Arbor. Other cabins explored the scenic Pierce Stocking drive, did a public street performance in Leland, and did a scavenger hunt.

This week we had several great trips go out! The cabins of Driftwood and Falling Star went on a “Moana” themed overnight. They played in the Lake Michigan waves, on paddle boards, and in the clay pits. Then they hiked above camp to sleep on the bluffs, and enjoyed delicious meals cooked over a stove. Windward canoed the mighty Crystal River and camped out on our back property camping sites. Birchview did a Cabin Day/Overnight extravaganza! They went to the Dune Museum in Empire and did a scavenger hunt, got ice cream, attended Wednesday Night Church, and camped out at the DH Day campground. Lastly, six Wildwood campers went on a three-day kayaking trip. They kayaked along Good Harbor and Sleeping Bear Bay, covering about twelve miles! They camped out on some beautiful beaches along the way.

It was a fantastic week for the Kohahna Trips program!

Campers shared many highlights during Council Fire this week! Some of these included performing in the Pine Show, watching the Sky Show, bonding with cabinmates on Cabin Day, having Sailing for a Morning Activity, going on all the trips, and passing levels. We continue to be grateful for all the joy and achievement shared at camp!

For our all-camp metaphysical this week, we continued the small discussion groups from two weeks ago. This was a time for campers to share any follow up thoughts or insights in their same groups, or to explore a different topic with new counselors. During the upcoming week, the K-Quality we are focusing on is Graciousness. We discussed how Mary Baker Eddy writes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, “Grace and Truth are potent beyond all other means and methods”, and how being gracious is a natural expression of ours as God’s likeness.