Bugle Call – Week 6 – 2018

We aren’t really sure how it’s 6th week already – but we had another stellar week over at KOH and want to tell you all about it!

We kicked off Evening Activity on Monday with a Kohahna favorite – The Kohahna Games (based off The Hunger Games). Tuesday evening we went to the front side of the Sand Dunes where we rolled, jumped, ran and tumbled down the dune, played around the trees and of course, made sand mermaids. On Wednesday evening we had our Wednesday testimony meeting where we joined Leelanau in the meadow. Falling Star and Evergreen were on an overnight and had church around the campfire. On Thursday, we played an exciting game of Pirates and Cargo – Great House edition! Friday evening, we played a new game to camp -Thicket, and had a blast despite the rain.

This week was special for many reasons – The Challenge being one of them! The Challenge (also known as “The Chal”) is a 4-day, 3-night Sands vs. Pines competitive camping trip. Each team consists of 12 Wildwood campers and 2 counselors. The teams spent the earlier part of the week preparing for the trip – planning what gourmet meals they would cook (all over a fire!), designing team t-shirts, practicing tackling in preparation for Capture the Flag, preparing metaphysically, bonding as team, and planning what gear they would need to bring. Once they were out in the woods they spent their time sawing and lashing to create structures that included a dining room table, prep and fire table, a latrine, a Baker and a creative structure as well. They cooked gourmet meals, played Capture the Flag, made a lot of incredible memories, and grew in their understanding of how capable they really are!

In addition to The Challenge, we had two fun overnight trips go out this week as well. On Wednesday the cabins of Falling Star and Evergreen were able to canoe the Crystal River which they had so much fun doing, and then all contributed to setting up camp, building an awesome fire and making dinner on our camp back property. On Thursday the cabins of Windward and Birchview were also able to canoe the Crystal and make dinner in Glen Arbor near the Sand Dunes at DH Day campground.

We had another great weekend in and around Kohahna. We were so thrilled to welcome the Chal girls home on Saturday afternoon! For the ladies that didn’t go on the The Chal, we headed into Traverse City to see the movie E.T. at the State Theater- an event sponsored by, and we were invited to by, a Leelanau/Kohahna alum! Following the movie, we had a picnic dinner and played around on truly one of the most fun playgrounds ever. On Sunday after church, we introduced a totally new afternoon activity created by two of our Kohahna counselors – Jumanji! Based off the movie, the activity included escape rooms, a banana tree, crazy monkeys, and puzzles that were retrieved from Lake Michigan. The groups were led by the Jumanji movie characters (the level of commitment to costumes by the Sky team was impressive).

During Council Fire we focused on the K-Quality, Persistence. We had two campers from the Challenge help us understand what persistence looks like in action – applying what they had learned on The Chal as it pertains to this quality. For our theme quality we explored the quality Confidence, and we referred to our dear camp alum, Betty Rhoades, who so clearly represented this quality. We talked about having the confidence to pursue new activities and try new things, commit to becoming better at them, and share your excitement for what you love – inspired by Betty! We enjoyed hearing about all the things both campers and counselors wanted to pursue and learn more about.

We are SO ready to make the most of this very last week of camp. We have loved witnessing and being a part of the growth and achievement over these past weeks and know that 7th week has so much in store for us!

Xoxo North Star