Bugle Call – Week 6 – 2021

Lordy Ba-jordie this week was a doozy. If you thought week five was insane with The Challenge out and things happening here in Camp, brace yourself for the journey you’re about to embark on.
We sent out a whopping five trips at the same time this week: a hiking trip to Grand Island, a Kayaking Trip in the local area, a canoeing trip to the Manistique River, an overnight with Falling Star, and an overnight with Stardust and Gull’s Nest. All of them went very well and the campers had a lot of highlights to share at Council Fire yesterday. Trips popped off this year — lots of people were eager to get out on the trail and we delivered. Yay for trips!
Before sending all of those trips out throughout the week we learned who won The Challenge at Council Fire through a balloon popping roulette. One balloon was filled with confetti of the winning team’s color and the rest were filled with white glitter. While both teams did an excellent job building their structures and cooking gourmet meals, the Pine team won the camping trip overall. We are so proud of all the young women who went out on the trip to earn their team points!
As we approach the end of the summer we make sure to pack in as many fun activities as we can. Some of the Evening Activities we did this week included Dune Football, Water Slide Kickball, Christmas in July, skaters vs. surfers Pumpkin Ball (baseball but with a kickball), and The Hunger Games (all of which are Camp favorites). We also had some special Cabin Days this week like playing on a slip n slide on the Great Lawn, hiking to where Leelanau has church overlooking Port Oneida Road to do some water coloring, and blindfolded brownie baking.
From sending out five different camping trips to playing some of our favorite games in Camp, this week was so full of activity and growth we could write a novel about it. We went hard in week six and are excited to wrap up the summer with a bow come week seven. Let’s do this!


North Star