Bugle Call – Week 6 – 2022

Sunday started this week off strong with an epic Beach Bonanza! We made the most of our beautiful waterfront Sunday afternoon by getting all of the campers in the water. The campers got to go swimming, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, and play on the raft. Later that evening at Council Fire the long-awaited Challenge Teams were revealed, and we were so excited for everyone going out on the trip.

On Monday The Challenge Team preparation began with a fantastic metaphysical, based on their theme Limitless Love. In the afternoon, the judges, the mother-daughter duo – Jeanie Johnson and Bailey Fuhrmann, watched as the teams began packing for the upcoming trip. For Evening Activity, The Challenge teams learned how to tackle and played some rugby while the rest of camp played an extreme version of Hide & Go Seek. On Tuesday night, the campers played Camo Dodgeball in the Pine Forest. They loved running around the woods and trying to hit each other with dodgeballs. The Challenge girls got their hair braided and prepared to leave for their adventure in the morning.

Wednesday was a huge day for Trips! The Challenge left right after breakfast and began their four-day trip. We also sent out our first Women of the Wilderness (WOW) Trip! This trip gives the opportunity for all of the girls who didn’t go on The Challenge or who are not quite old enough to start learning and practicing some of the skills used on The Challenge. We played a Flames and Navys competition where each group got to practice cooking over fires, building a Judges Tower, and playing Capture The Flag. All of the girls learned so much and got more comfortable in the woods! Back at Camp it was Gulls Nest and Driftwood Takeover Day! The girls got to go on the boat all morning, tubed and played, and in the afternoon, they played on the beach and in Lake Michigan.
Thursday morning the WOW Trip returned to Camp. That evening the campers had a blast playing various different lawn games such as “Where’s My Chicken” and “Captain on Deck”, and running around on the Great Lawn.

On Friday we got to go to a Pit Spitters Baseball Game! Both the campers at Leelanau and Kohahna got to go and everyone was so excited as we headed into Traverse City for a tailgate dinner and the game.

Saturday was a GREAT day because the Challenge girls came home! Everyone greeted them with lots of hugs. We were so excited to hear all the cool stories and learn the new songs they came home with. While the Challenge girls slept the other campers went to Empire to play in South Bar Lake and jump off the dock. We ended the night with an all Camp movie night where we got to watch Tangled.

It was an awesome week. We cannot believe there is only one week left of Camp! It sure has flown by.

Much Love,

North Star