Bugle Call – Week 7 – 2008

Kohahna’s final week brought the summer to a nice close. Throughout the week, campers enjoyed a mix of normal activities and special final week traditions. Thursday’s production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown was a delight to watch, with campers from both camps singing and acting together in this year’s musical. Friday morning was our run-through for Saturday’s Encore production, and then campers spent the afternoon packing up their trunks before heading up the hill to Council Fire. On Saturday, we welcomed parents and families to join camp activities for a flavor of a day in the life at Kohahna. That evening, Kohahna’s summer came to an official close in the Great House when the whole camp, dressed in white, celebrated together at Final Banquet.

Friday’s final Council Fire ended with the Pine Bough tradition—everyone had the opportunity to share gratitude and then place a pine bough in the fire. The substance of campers’ gratitude demonstrated the value of this summer. We heard about growth in Christian Science, enthusiasm about going home with a new outlook on relationships or school, and gratitude for the solid friendships that developed at Kohahna. For our silent walk back to camp from this final Council Fire, each camper and counselor carries a lighted candle. The symbolism of this tradition is so important; each person’s shining light not only guides her own steps safely along the trail, but it also sheds light on the path for others. If one candle goes out, there are lit candles on either side to rekindle the flame, just as in life there are role models, friends, and family members to provide a support system for each one of us. Collectively, the flames transform the dark woods to be bright and clear. This has been a significant summer at Kohahna, and the individuals now dispersing around the country are truly beacons of light.