Bugle Call – Week 7 – 2009

Seventh week of camp began with a gorgeous Sunday afternoon on the waterfront.  Campers went out on boats, played on the water tramp-o-line, and splashed around in the swim area.  That evening at Council Fire, our final “Through the Looking Glass” role model was introduced.  We learned about Shawn Johnson, Olympic gymnast, as an example of sportsmanship.  Her Olympic achievements that resulted from her dedication to gymnastics and respect for other competitors demonstrate the success that comes when upholding the integrity of the sport is priority over personal triumphs.

The rest of the week seemed to accelerate through the final days of activities until campers prepared to welcome their parents for Encore Weekend.  On Thursday afternoon, many Leelanau and Kohahna campers combined efforts to present a lively Talent Show as the summer’s production.  Acts ranged from gymnastics stunts and juggling to dramatic monologues, musical theater pieces, and solo dances.  It was a treat to see the wide spectrum of talent that campers shared!

Friday night’s final Council Fire honored the many campers that have passed their Expert level in activities, as well as turned our thought to gratitude during our pine bough ceremony.  As the campers walked down the hill with candles in hand, the warm feeling of sisterhood united the whole line.  The following evening at Final Banquet, we enjoyed a heart-warming slideshow from the session, listened to several thought-provoking speeches, congratulated many award recipients, and celebrated the success of the Pine Team for the summer.  Of course, we concluded the evening and the summer by passing a squeeze around our friendship circle.

We are very grateful for the harmony and joy of this summer.  Every camper who came to camp contributed to its success, and naturally they benefited from being here.  Below, we’ve taken excerpts from their Camp Evaluations:

Highlights of camp:

Hymn sing/Wednesday church

Backwards Day


County Fair

The general feel of being here

The little things

Breakfast/all of the food

Everything I did with my cabin

The Challenge trip

Sunset sails

Horseback riding overnight

Getting up on water-skis for the first time

Musical theater week

Ropes Course

The climbing trip

Pictured Rocks trip



What did you learn at camp?

How to manage time

How to lash

How to water ski

How to spiritually conquer grief

How to spiritually express womanhood

To always be prepared to compromise

How to sail, kayak, and windsurf

How to continue to grow spiritual during the year

How to interpret teaching of the Bible and Christian Science better

How to be a leader

How to have self-confidence

That instantaneous healings exist


To push myself



How to build a fire

How to apply and use Christian Science at school

How to weave a basket

How to express the K-Qualities

Table manners

How to pack a backpack for trips

How to solder in silversmithing

How to pray

How to mark my books

How to lash structures in the woods

How to use a sewing machine and make a skirt

The importance of praying for the world


To put your napkin on your lap

To put others before yourself

Hard work

All about animals and their skulls

How to rock climb and belay

Sometimes you have to flexible enough for changes

How to push myself more than anyone else could push me

How to do a wet exit in kayaking

How to lead a better lifestyle through Christian Science