Bugle Call – Week 7 – 2013

Our final week at Kohahna was a fantastic one! Rainy weather brought us indoors for our Sunday evening Council Fire, but our spirits weren’t dampened as we celebrated achievements from the previous week and looked ahead to our final days at camp. Our final aspect to this year’s summer theme of There is Enough is the idea of purpose. We discussed the difference between finding our purpose in life, and finding our purpose in Life. Campers gave wonderful ideas about how acknowledging God as our Source leads to unending inspiration and provision for what we are led to do in life.

On Monday our CT’s led the day, beginning with a fun wake-up call for dips and flag raising while wearing silly costumes. We began our final week of morning activities full of enthusiasm and determination to achieve and make the most of every activity period. Our CT’s provided a variety of afternoon activities, including adventure running, human foosball, and chalk sketching. In the evening the CT’s created an amazing Kohahna Circus, complete with contortionists, obstacle relays, clown training, and hula hoop fun.

Tuesday we celebrated one of our final afternoons of regular activities with a great variety of things, including an archery competition, fort building, bike ride and exploration of buildings on Port Oneida Road, a sailing race, reading in the barn, and finishing art projects. Tuesday evening we were treated to artistic delights as we watched dramatic, dance, and musical performances in the Great House. Campers who had taken dance or drama during camp were able to share their amazing work with us.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed our final Cabin Day on camp property. Cabins enjoyed the high ropes course, zip line, t-shirt making, and cooking baking. On Thursday afternoon the Sky Team presented the Sky Show, Radio Kohahna. Campers were treated to musical numbers, radio ads and commercials, and of course a kickline!  Thursday evening we enjoyed one last team competition in the evening with a game of dune football at the backside of the dunes.

Friday we began our Final Weekend activities, with a normal morning but an afternoon of packing. We enjoyed a picnic dinner on the beach and had our final Council Fire Friday evening. Our hearts were overflowing with gratitude as we gave thanks for the abundance of good at camp using traditional pine boughs.

Saturday morning we enjoyed breakfast in bed courtesy of some friendly Kohahna alums! We spent the morning showing our families some of what we’ve learned in our morning activities, and enjoyed performing in the annual Encore program after lunch. Saturday evening we celebrated an amazing summer at our Final Banquet, recognizing the achievements of many campers through activity awards, team point awards, and awards for spirit, growth, and shining in camp. Kohahna celebrated the efforts of 22 Expert levels passed – an incredible achievement! After banquet we watched beautiful paper lanterns light up the sky on the deck together.

It’s always a little sad to see our campers go, but our hearts our filled with gratitude for all they will take home with them and share with their families, friends, and schools. It was truly a wonderful summer on Pyramid Point!