Bugle Call – Week 7 – 2015

Hello family and friends! This week Kohahna ladies had a fantastic time wrapping up the summer session, rain or shine! This week’s metaphysical subtopic for Heights of Mind was good judgement. We focused on the idea that through employing good judgement we express strength, courage, and wisdom.  Mrs. Eddy writes in our text book, “No wisdom is wise but His wisdom; no truth is true, no love is lovely, no life is Life but the divine; no good is, but the good God bestows” (S&H 275:17). God’s wisdom guides our every step, our every decision, and our moral stance. It was a powerful lesson to start the week off right.

Monday afternoon, Kohahna girls participated in activities such as Beach Steps Maintenance Fun (helping to repair the erosion caused by the storm), Riflery, Ceramics level passing, One Direction Inflection, some scene work for an upcoming play, Tennis tournament preparation, barn beautification, and a bike ride. That evening, we played a high scoring game of Dune Football at the Sand Bowl.

On Tuesday, campers took part in activities such as Horseback Riding, a Beach Walk, SIlversmithing, Gnome Home Building, and a Glaz-a-thon. That evening Kohahna hosted Super Hero Training, where the girls dressed up in their best super hero costumes and trained to fight villains. Activities included a superhero obstacle course, learning the Minion language, Minion on Deck, and Initiatives. Upon learning to be superheroes, the whole girls camp came together to defeat the villains, and “rescue Kathleen”. A few water balloons couldn’t hold the campers back and they accomplished their task of saving Kathleen from the villains.  Naturally, celebratory icy pops were in order!

As it is every week, this Wednesday was Cabin Day! A day of activities that celebrate the love we have for our cabin mates. Cabin day activities included Tie Dye t-shirts, Hippie Day (bareback horseback riding, flower crowns, etc.), T-Shirt making and a water balloon fight, Easter, a Paint war and Cabin T-shirts, and a Bike Ride to 360 lookout. The evening was wrapped up with a testimony service at which CT’s prepared the readings. We love cabin day!

Thursday was a sunshiny day complete with activities such as Horse Show Preparation, Dance and Drama show preparation, Swim Level Passing, Glaze the Daze Away, Archery, Hipster Hangout, Silversmithing Project Wrap Up, Tie Dye, and Climbing. That evening we put on the highly anticipated, end of the session Dance and Drama show, where the girls showcase all of their Drama and Dance work up to this point. Certain requirements to pass activity levels in Drama and Dance include but are not limited to performing a solo, choreographing a group dance, and performing a monologue. On Thursday, some girls were able to complete these requirements in order to pass levels!

On Friday, we began our preparation for the final days at Kohahna. In the afternoon, each cabin held a packing party so that all of the girls could ready themselves for departure. We followed this up with cabin picnics where the girls had dinner in their cabins and enjoyed cabin bonding time. After dinner wrapped up, we headed to the lodge for Final Council Fire. At Council Fire, we learned of many achievements including Expert level passing. Each girl who earns her Expert level in an activity is honored with a speech commemorating her hard work and dedication to the activity in which she excelled. We also found out who received the final Honor Cabin award for the summer, first time perfect dippers, returning perfect dippers, and the seventh week K girls. Kathleen also wrapped up the summer theme: Heights of Mind; each of us reflected on which quality from the summer, either good judgment, love, limitlessness, patience, or integrity, that we felt we had expressed most thoroughly or that we would like to continue to strive to express.  It was a Council fire of quiet reflection on the goodness we have joyously experienced this summer as well as the commemoration of our achievement.

The following day, Saturday, was Encore day! The girls were excited to share their growth and achievement with family and friends. There truly has been excellence in achievement on all fronts of activities at Kohahna this summer. In the morning, parents watched on as their daughters played in the Tennis Tournament, Kayaked, participated in the Horse Show, climbed on the Climbing Wall, participated in Camp Crafts, Swing Danced, etc. After a picnic style lunch under tents on the Great House lawn, Kohahna and Leelanau came together to present a medley of performance pieces in the Leelanau Lodge. At Encore, the Kohahna girls sang musical theater songs such as So Long, Farewell from the The Sound of Music, performed numbers from the Dance Show as well as a co-ed Swing Dance number, showed off the Wildwood Pine Show Kickline, and sang our very own rendition of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud. Afterwards, the girls played a classic game of Sand versus Pines Bombardment at the tennis courts. It was a day filled with fun and we were so grateful to share it with our family and friends. 

That evening, the Kohahna girls donned their whites and headed across the Great Lawn to the Final Banquet at the Great House. After having a great dinner of roasted vegetables, bowtie macaroni and cheese, chicken breast, beef tips, salad, and, of course, mama spatch for dessert, we commenced our celebration of achievement and announced this summer’s awards. Among those awards given were the Merit Hat Award (a hat signifying at least two advanced and two expert levels passed in the four activity fields), the Kohahna Rose (an award given to a camper who embraced what  camp has to offer, and has blossomed with confidence this summer), Illuminata (an individual voted on by the campers as a spirited and loving leader and friend), Camp Spirit (awarded to a Waukeena and Wildwood who have fully taken advantage of what camp has to offer and expresses all that Kohahna stands for including the K-qualities), Trail Blazer (the highest award in Trips), and Most team points (awarded to the Wildwood and Waukeena who achieved most team points). The banquet culminated in the reveal of which team, Pine or Sand, won this summer. The Pines succeeded this summer in having their team name emblazoned next to the year 2015, as this summer’s winner! Both teams worked so incredibly hard this summer; the competition was sportsmanlike and very evenly matched! After the banquet concluded, the night was not over!

Next, the campers headed back down to camp for the Pine Bow Ceremony, where we gather at the old Council Fire ring in the Pine Forest and share our gratitude for the summer and then cast a Pine Bow into the fire. The whole hearted, sincere gratitude was indicative of the growth in grace and in our expression of love this summer. We love Kohahna!

This summer, as we’ve accended the “Heights of Mind” we have done so with love, joy, grace, confidence,  and enthusiasm! We look forward to being in touch all year long to continue our growth in grace, and celebration of the success of the summer!