Bugle Call – Week 7 – 2017

Camp Kohahna had an excellent 7th and final week! It was incredible celebrating the achievements from the entire summer, and witnessing the fun had by all in morning, afternoon, and evening activities. This week’s Bugle Call will give a general overview of the major activities from the past week!

We began the week with a Sand vs. Pine game of Capture the Flag in the woods above camp. It was a beautiful night for our last competitive team game of the session, and the Sand Team brought home the victory! On Tuesday, we celebrated Halloween! The evening was complete with a haunted barn, a Halloween-themed obstacle course, face painting, a costume contest, and a truck stop where groups of campers drank hot chocolate and told scary stories.

Wednesday was our final on camp Cabin Day, and we had fun doing all sorts of creative activities. The cabin of Falling Star went ice sledding on the great lawn, and the cabin of Birchview did some tie dyeing. The cabin of Breezeway had a Lipsync extravaganza, the cabins of Windward and Shorewood baked cookies blindfolded and baked dessert with the kitchen respectively, and the cabin of Juniper went on a unicorn themed trail ride. It was an exceptional afternoon for cabin bonding! The evening was complete with a lovely final Wednesday Evening Church service as well! On Thursday evening, we had our Dance and Drama Show! All the girls who participated in the Dance or Drama program throughout the summer were able to finally perform their pieces. Many levels were passed, and we all enjoyed supporting the Kohahna women in the show! A select group of pieces were then reprised at the Encore Show on Saturday.

On Friday evening, we had our Final Council Fire and Pine Bough Ceremony. Council Fire consisted of many of our usual components of activities and songs, as well as an enormous amount of Expert presentations- we had SO MUCH achievement at Kohahna! Our Pine Bough ceremony was, as usual, full of gratitude and love. For over an hour, each of the Kohahna campers and counselors had the opportunity to individually express gratitude. It was a beautiful evening full of sentiment, love, laughter, and sisterhood.

On the final Saturday of camp we always invite the families of campers to come to camp to participate in camp activities! We call this day Encore, as it is a recap of all of our summer fun! In the morning we enjoyed morning activities, and then we had a delicious lunch on the Great House lawn, followed by a performance from all of the campers in the Leelanau Lodge. Then Camp Leelanau had their Frisbut tournament and Camp Kohahna had their Bombardment game! The Finale of the summer for Kohahna was our Banquet on Saturday evening! We had a delicious dinner, gave out activity awards, and presented our top summer awards as well. We also had the banner reveal to see which team won the summer, and it was the Pine Team! It was a wonderfully joyous summer, and we are so grateful for all of the growth, the laughter, the love, and the fun!

Lastly, for the final all-camp metaphysical of the summer we focused on Mary Baker Eddy, and her role in the Christian Science Movement. We learned about her life and the challenges she overcame to deliver this wonderful message of Divine Science to us all. We discussed how her determination to understand the Divine Principle of all healing included earnest study and practice of Truth in her day to day life. We ended the metaphysical by sharing gratitude, healings, and things we learned about women of the Bible and our summer theme, “Women of the Wilderness.”

Again, it was an incredible summer filled with growth in grace! Thank you for sharing your daughters with us this summer- we are looking forward to relishing in all the good fruits! “Women of the Wilderness” 2017!