Bugle Call – Week 7 – 2018

What a summer it has been! Week 7 was a super full week of achievement, fun, and wrapping up an incredible summer.

Some of this week’s highlights included playing Dune Football, preparing our Encore performances (Flash Mob, “We Came From Towns and Cities” and “This is Me”), final Cabin Day, the Dance and Drama Show, the Sky Show/Kickline, celebrating Halloween and playing Big Base for C.T Day! Many activity levels were passed from multiple Expert levels in Camp Crafts, to Advanced levels passed in Sailing and Drama- just to name a few.

During our Final Council Fire we closed the evening with our Pine Bow Ceremony where everyone was able to give gratitude for this summer. We heard gratitude for the atmosphere of love at camp, gratitude for cabin mates and counselors, gratitude for the strong sense of sisterhood and support at Kohahna, gratitude for the opportunities we have to learn and grow in our understanding of Christian Science and for how much FUN we have at camp. We expressed our gratitude for the opportunity to take what we learned home with us, that we continue to learn from camp long after the summer ends, and how grateful we are to have a forever home at Kohahna.

At our Final Banquet on Saturday evening we celebrated the summer recognizing Expert levels passed and Longevity (first year plaques, 5 year pins, 10 year blankets and 15 year pocket knives). We recognized our Kohahna campers for their consistent expression of 7 qualities, for being Perfect Dippers and for the enthusiasm and dedication for their morning activities. We had 5 campers share their thoughts on the summer theme focusing on the theme qualities, Love, Purity, Tenderness, Strength, Spiritual Individuality and Confidence and were also able to recognize campers for their example of selfless love, example of leadership and growth in self- confidence.

Our gratitude for this summer is overflowing, we are so incredibly grateful for your Kohahna camper; they are each a woman of substance and integrity, each of them played an important role in making this summer the beautiful, growth-filled, harmonious and wicked fun summer it was. Thank you for sharing your daughter with us and making camp a priority in her life; we don’t think there is any better gift than the gift of camp. We are confident that she will apply what she learned in her life outside of camp, continuing to bless those around her as she did here this summer.

We can’t wait to see you all next year!

With so much love,

The Women of North Star