Camp Leelanau Announces 2013 Counselors

Charlie Busch, Head Counselor

My name is Charlie Busch and I am thrilled to be coming back to camp for the fourteenth time in a row.  This will be my 4th summer as a part of the legendary Crib Team.  As a camper, I learned what it was like to be selfless as well as be a leader.  I am excited to pass on the knowledge that other counselors have passed on to me when I was a camper.  I am the man I am today because of Camp Leelanau.  Outside of camp I am a senior-to-be at Miami University (Ohio) studying Sports Leadership and Management.  In my free time I play every sport imaginable, I play guitar more than I sleep, and I enjoy exploring unexplored parts of my world.  I am very grateful to be the Head Counselor this year, as it has been my dream since I was just an Argonaut.  I am looking forward to inspiring the young men of Leelanau this summer to accomplish their dreams.

Marshall McCurties, Head Counselor

Ni Hao! I am Marshall McCurties, a junior at Principia College.  I am majoring in Educational Studies and History, with a minor in Political Science.  I will be returning to camp after spending 1 month in Tibet this May. I will be teaching Head Counseling this summer and look forward to playing Charlie as we make schedules, copies, spreadsheets, and more! This will be my 14th summer at camp, my 3rd on staff and I am incredibly excited to be returning back to my favorite place on earth.  This summer I look forward to instilling and cultivating a sense of decorum and enthusiasm.  This summer will be filled with love, joy, growth, and demonstration, and I cant wait to be a part of it!

Tidbit- I would like to start Operation: Brock Green on the Flag Trip.  A comprehensive plan that hopefully puts Brock Green on the Flag Trip after his many years of wondering and waiting. Plus he will build some boss structures.

Paul Olsen, CTs

Where are you in school/ grown-up life?

I am an artist and continue to enjoy perfecting my craft. I look forward to branching out in new ways in this field in the coming years.   (aka I live in a van down by the river eating government-issued cheese).

How many years have you been at this camp thing? As we all know, after 10 years at camp you get a blanket. Well, according to legend, at 20 years you get a truck. I sure am ready to have Weldon hand me a set of keys at Final Banquet.

What is a lesson you learned from your days at camp that you look forward to applying this summer to our campers?

I learned at Leelanau to always be willing to learn, no matter what situation– as Mrs. Eddy says, a “fervent desire for growth in grace” (Science and Health 4).

Brock Green, Trips

My name is Brock Green. I grew up outside of St. Louis, Missouri. I spent my summers running a small lawn care service and attending Boy Scout summer camps. I earned the rank of Eagle Scout at age 13.  I graduated from Eureka Senior High School. While there, I played tennis and studied martial arts. I graduated from Principia College a really long time ago. Officially they have me down as earning a major in Spanish. I minored in General Science and my senior year I did a special focus in jewelry design. I actually majored in Tennis.

Upon graduating, I headed north to work at camp Leelanau. I told the then director Clark Shutt, that I would work for him for ten summers. I did. I taught silversmithing for most of those years, with one summer as counselor for tennis and one as the extreme nature counselor. I was in HQ in 2004.

I worked for Principia in St. Louis for 8 years during the camp off-season-you know, just passing the time until I could get back Up North.  While there, I served as a house parent (resident counselor) in the Upper School Boy’s Dorm. I also coached, Boy’s and Girl’s tennis, the martial arts club, strength training/conditioning, substitute taught in Spanish, and taught P.E. 

In 2008 I moved to Atlanta, Georgia to work for CAO Academy and teach and coach tennis. Since arriving in Atlanta, I have continued designing and producing jewelry for my jewelry business, and started my own Tennis Coaching business. I also continue to teach self-defense.

Military service has been in my family for every generation since the beginning of time. In 2010 I enlisted in the Georgia State Guard. I am a Sergeant, E5. My current role is 2nd Squad Leader, 2nd. Platoon, 3rd. Battalion, 1st. Brigade out of Monroe, Georgia.  My MOS (military occupational specialty) is SAR (Search and Rescue.) I may or may not have graduated number one in my SAR class in physical fitness last year. I think climbing council fire hill for all those years definitely helped me! I have also graduated from the U.S. Army Combat Lifesaver program, and SLC (Soldier Leadership Course) during my time with the Guard.

When not teaching/coaching or running around in the woods in camouflage, I spend my time training with a former Delta Force Operator who is teaching me martial arts, marksmanship, and bush craft.

Other interests include but are not limited to: hiking, boating, reading poetry, shooting sports, riding ATV’s, playing with flashlights, looking for the perfect backpack, eating mint-chip ice cream, listening to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack, searching for Bigfoot (in 2003, Robert Bowness and I founded the Sasquatch Liberation Front, -you’ll have to ask me about it), making furniture/shelving, wearing Carharts, and general shenanigans.

My grandfather Kenneth Krueger invented the 3-point shot in basketball, and my dog Cayanne is still the world’s most spoiled redbone coonhound She will be in St. Louis with my perfect parents and genius brother while I am at camp this summer.

Weldon called me and told me he’s getting the band back together and needed a trips counselor. After 5 summers off, it’s time to come home. Boom.

Steve Creighton, Trips

The most important day of my adult life happened on my first day of pre camp in 2006. Brock Green and I drove up from St. Louis where we were working as house parents at The Principia School. He and Mark McCurties convinced me to give Camp Leelanau a go. After taking a sabbatical to southern Chile as a hiking guide, I return to the shores of Lake Michigan as one of the trips counselors. That’s right fellas, Creighton is headed to the dark side!!! And he’s bringing TBiz with him. It may have happened the other way around, but the order isn’t all that important. What is important is that I’ll be sharing my summer with an outstanding group of young men in some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Giddy up!!  I don’t really know what a Boston Cooler is, but I’m pretty sure I’m getting one:)

Please note: to help Creighton make his dream a reality he needs to find a dog sitter for the summer.  Anybody want a delightfully playful Alaskan Husky for eight weeks?  Seriously.

Eric Olsen, Waterskiing

There is a reason they call him The Elder.  Eric Olsen remains only slightly taller than his Argonauts, but infinitely wiser than the rest of the Crib Team.  At Camp Shows Kathleen is quoted as saying the “Counseling Staff is made of up college students and recent graduates…”  Well Larry Olsen laughed out loud at the “recent graduates part”.  Eric graduated from The College in the last decade and has since been perfecting his waterskiing technique in a year round capacity by working as Ski Patrol for Keystone Resort in Colorado.  This is year 20, so there better be two trucks on the Great Lawn at Final Banquet for the Olsen Twins, or they’ll sit on each other’s laps.

Christof Kentworthy, Archery

Hi, My name is Christof and this is my very first summer at Camp Leelanau. I am Junior at Principia College.  In archery I peaked at a young age, and have been seeking an outlet for my archery skills ever since.  In 2005 I was a nationally ranked Archer in the state of Californa.  I was on my way to Junior Olympic Stardom, but the BBC launched a new Robin Hood television series and my age bracket was over run with young upstart archers.  As a purist I walked away from the sport.  Well, I’m back.  And ready to bring a new caliber of excellence to the many young archers of Camp Leelanau.  I can’t wait for summer to get started.

Vince Lomoscolo, Sailing

I am SO excited to be coming home to Camp Leelanau.  And to be sailing on Lake Michigan no less!  I recently graduated from Principia Upper School where I sailed daily on the little pond the acorns catch frogs in, in preparation for teaching this summer on the Big Lake.

Henry Busch, Silver Smithing

Hello all, my name is Henry Busch, but I also reply to Charlie as this seems to be a common theme with the young campers, and sometimes other counselors. I will be attending Clemson University in South Carolina in the fall and I will be majoring in Graphic Communications. Camp has been my home for 12 summers so far and I am more than excited to begin my 13th as a Counselor here at Pyramid Point. The Love that is spread daily through camp cannot be beat. Through Christian Science, we are able to elevate our thoughts and surpass physical barriers. My 12 years as a camper, I have always looked up to the counselors and their unselfishness. I want to embody those great role models that showed me how to Love and how to effectively practice Christian Science. I am looking forward to spending this summer with such incredible people and to be able to grow and Love in God’s Kingdom.

Andrew Beck, Canoeing and Rock Climbing

Hey, I’m Andrew Beck and I’m super excited to be working at camp this summer! Although I haven’t been back to Leelanau for some years, I remember my seven summers as a camper and CT as the best summers of my life. I am 23 years old, and work as a third grade teacher in Minneapolis, MN. Before becoming a teacher, I studied history at Bates College in Maine and worked in Louisiana. Before you think, “Oh no, another boring teacher!” let me tell you about what I do for fun. I love the outdoors, I ran Track and Field in college, played Frisbee, and spend a lot of time rock climbing. I cannot wait to return to the community of brotherhood at camp, and look forward to helping every camper find a home and a family at Leelanau!

Ben Austin, Riflery and Kayaking

My name is Ben Austin, I am attending The Principia college where I am a sophomore. I am majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in Philosophy. I am working towards becoming a game warden. I am an avid outdoorsman, I love to rock climb, kayak, play rugby, and go running. I have been attending camp Leelanau for 11 years as of this summer. I have enjoyed every moment of it and cant wait for this summer and the experiences that are going to come from it. I worked at camp Leelanau last year as a first year counselor and I was able to teach rifelry and I had a blast doing it. I also learned a lot though not in my activity necessarily but, working one on one with the campers, I learned how to be responsive, calm, and how to pray for another individual. I am ready for this summer and can feel my spine tingle with anticipation for this summer I am so excited.

Ben Reismeyer, Water Skiing

They call me The Grease-Monkey, because I make things happen.  I have spent the past four months in China on a super double top secret mission for the US embassy. Don’t tell anybody that I was there.  Shhh…But now I am home to Pyramid Point where raising Christian Character and teaching Waterskiing on Glen Lake are the things I truly live for!  I am so glad to be back in the good ole U.S. of A., though I am a killer ping-pong player now – watch out, deck time!  I can’t wait for summer to start and to teach all of the good lessons, skills, and bear witness to Christian Science in action in beautiful Northern Michigan!

Phil Sears, RCA/Nature

My name is Phil Sears and this is going to be my 9th summer at Camp Leelanau. After spending last summer working in the kitchen at Camp, I am excited to come back as a first year counselor and give all the campers the summer of their lives! Right now I am finishing up my freshmen year at University of Indianapolis and am majoring in Sport Management. Some of the activities I am involved with at University of Indianapolis include being a mentor in their College Mentors For Kids program, volunteering for Special Olympic events held on U Indy’s campus, and being a member in their Concert Choir, Crimson Express (Jazz Choir), and Voices of Worship (Gospel Choir).One of the lessons Camp Leelanau has taught me that I hope to apply this summer and share with our campers is the overwhelming feeling of acceptance and brotherly love. This lesson has helped me throughout life with making new friends and keeping in touch with old ones. I will be teaching RCA and Nature this summer and cannot wait to get started on those activities!

Zacher Lewis, Swimming

The first thing you need to know about me is that I have lived my whole life in St. Louis, Missouri. This has made me an avid Cardinals fan as well as a Blues and Rams fan. I attended Principia for my whole life. I ran Cross-Country and played Baseball for Principia. Outside of school I spend most of my time swimming. I swim year round since I started swimming in 2nd grade. Aside from swimming, I have been in the Boy Scout program since first grade and achieved the Scout rank of Eagle in 2012. This will be my fifth year at Leelanau and my first as a counselor. I spent the past two summers lifeguarding at a neighborhood pool and swimming. This summer I am thrilled to come back to camp as the swimming counselor. I am excited to work with the campers on their swimming capabilities and I can’t wait to be part of the camp experience again.

Ian McCullough, Landsports

I’m currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Southern California. I’m coming off my freshman year, and will be a sophomore after this summer. This is my 10th year at camp, and my first year on staff as a counselor. I’m super excited to be back in the best place in the world. While I was a camper, I learned that camp is a place to get out of comfort zones and past your own boundaries. As a counselor I want to give my campers the chance to try something new, and hopefully turn them on to new things that they can enjoy.

Tommy Sebring, Music/Tennis

Some say I resemble the famous Eminem. Is it because I have a similar facial structure? Is it because I love music? Or is it simply because we were both born and raised in the Detroit area? I’m not totally sure. I think a more accurate representation of myself would be Syd the Sloth from Ice Age. If you were to ask my CT class, they would agree. I’m looking forward to bringing this lovableness to camp this summer! Whatever the kids are calling me these days, be it Slerbring, T-dawg, T-money, Trey man, I will be there with a welcoming smile and a great hair do, just as I have for my 12 summers here at camp. This summer, I am looking to bring my experiences I have gained in my Sophomore year at Principia college to the glorious Pyramid Point, where I will guide campers on the path to be Rock Stars in Music, and to be able to beat Brock Green in Tennis after the summer full of Tennis. It’s going to be another glorious summer folks! 

Andy Fine, WFD

Hello, my name is Andy Fine, and Camp Leelanau is a dream come true.  Ever since I came for my first summer back in 2003, the beautiful sandy shores of Lake Michigan, the smell of pine trees, and the sound of the morning cannon have brought me back each and every year.  Currently, I am a sophomore studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  When I’m not studying about math and science, you may find me out on the tennis court, or enjoying a frisbee game with friends.  Camp Leelanau has played such a vital role in who I am today.  When I think about what camp has given me, the first thing that pops to my head is the very simple, yet often neglected lesson of Love.  Camp is such a great arena for young men to learn how to Love their brother, neighbor, and God.  I am so excited for my eleventh summer at camp, third on staff, and first year as the Water Front Director.  As a sailing enthusiast, I am so grateful to get to go back to beautiful Lake Michigan.  Put your seatbelt on, this is going to be an unforgettable summer!!

Drake Schaberg, Photos

There are certain franchises that should never end.  Star Wars.  Batman.  Superman.  Schabergs at Camp.  Enough said.  I’m back, baby!

Steve Hufstader, 2nd Half Utility Man*

My name is Steve Hufstader. I went to college once, for a while it was fun and educational. But now I’m getting to the point where I have to think about what year I graduated in. So I decided to make an appearance at the place near and dear to me. This will be my 15th summer at camp! This place is filled with great memories of fun and silliness but most memorable to me are the times when I was given the opportunity to learn and shape the purpose of my actions. Though I will only be there for the four week session I plan to present those types of chances to anyone and everyone. I also look forward to pizza night, and pasta days, and Chinese, and pancakes, and burritos, and the list may never end.