Camp Leelanau Appoints New Director

The Leelanau-Kohahna Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Weldon Rutledge as the new Director of Camp Leelanau.  The application process was thorough and we were fortunate to have several highly qualified candidates.  Weldon is well known to many of you and is a long time advocate of the mission of the Leelanau idea of camp. His appointment as Leelanau Director is effective immediately.

The 2010 Camp Leelanau summer season was most successful and plans are already underway for 2011.  Thank you for your wonderful support of both Camps Leelanau and Kohahna. A statement from Weldon is included below.

Glenn C. Johnson
Camps Leelanau & Kohahna
Leelanau Outdoor Center
231 334 3808  office
603 770 2099  cell


Good Morning:

First, I am honored to be named the newest General Manager of the Crib Team.  As we all know there is no finer group of young men with which to be associated.

Second, let me put some questions or speculations to rest.  I know better than anybody that the terms “Weldon” and “Full Time Job” seem diametrically opposed.  Allow me to borrow from J.M. Barrie and state: “I am most certainly not leaving Neverland.  In fact, this appointment puts me directly in charge of The Lost Boys.”

Third, I bring three simple goals to this new assignment:

  • to honor and promote Leelanau’s tradition of excellence, by providing continuity and leadership
  • to educate young men on the meaning of genuine manhood through Christian Science demonstration
  • to provide coaching and year round support to our summer counselors.

So…I am here (with a desk and a phone), installed in Leelanau County, making my permanent home at Pyramid Point and looking forward to serving Camp and the cause of Christian Science.

Weldon Rutledge
Director, Camp Leelanau
[email protected]
231 334 3808 office