Campers and Parents are telling us about summer 2011

LEE Parent: Our son’s highlights are dune football, water polo, the meatball trip (I heard so much about this trip that I had to make meatballs for dinner), camo photography, breakfast sandwiches, sailing and border camp. He learned about constant prayer, and praying to know that you are already healed, not praying to be healed. HUGE!  He applies so much he learns at camp throughout his school year.  We feel camp is invaluable for a student of Christian Science and a lover of nature.  We are so grateful that our kids can be unplugged and in a most beautiful inspiring place.

KOH Parents: We loved being able to view pictures on the camp website, as it was such a nice way to feel connected, while still giving our daughter her independence. Each picture assured us she was happy and fully immersed in the whole camp experience.

LEE Parent:  Our son loves the friends at camp… That was his number one reason for wanting to stay four more weeks.  We know he loved all the fun activities, especially the flag trip and group games.  He also really liked border camp, waterskiing and cabin days.

He learned to be a team player and exhibit good sportsmanship.  He also grew in his ability to apply Christian Science, especially with a healing of a hurt knee.

KOH Camper:  I had lots of fun my first year of camp.  It was nice to meet so many Christian Science girls.  My activities were dance, canoeing, horseback riding and drama.  I also went on a rock climbing trip…I earned 6 out of the 7 K quality beads: orderliness, sportsmanship, graciousness, persistence, joyfulness and initiative.  I’m going to use the qualities this year at home and school.

LEE Camper:  What I love most about camp is the brotherhood; all the friends and how quickly you can make friends in the first week because all the people there are so nice.

KOH Camper: My favorite thing at camp was the rock climbing trip we took up to Marquette, in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I also loved all of the activities I took at camp, especially dance, archery and of course sailing. It was the first time I had ever been sailing and I loved it!

LEE Parent:  I loved that everything is brought from the standpoint of Christian Science.  In the atmosphere of great adventure learning to really live Christian Science in every aspect with kids his own age.

Camp makes CS cool and not just something mom talks about.  I love the home reports from the counselors.  They were always presented in a positive way and very detailed.  The counselors were very in tune and interested in helping their cabin kids grow and develop through the whole man concept.

KOH Parent:  My daughter loves the incredible overall positive, loving environment and the beautiful setting with all the numerous fun activities.  She also loves her counselors every year and the close relationship that develops.

As a parent, I value the role models of the counselors, the warm loving environment, the emphasis on expressing good qualities always and the fantastic choices of wonderful activities for her and the opportunity for her to grow more in Christian Science.

LEE Camper: I liked being friends with the big kids. They really loved me like we are taught in the Bible.

KOH Parent:  the people are SO welcoming and the counselor makes sure they don’t form clicks, they are all inclusive, and it is great.  I value that the kids do fine in whatever kind of weather; also they are “unplugged: from their iPods/TV, etc.

My daughter came home, marked her books and has read the entire lesson today, when I wasn’t even home (she did it on her own accord).

LEE and KOH Parent:  I am really impressed that all the things that I have been working on are exactly the things their counselors honed in on immediately and they are really making progress with them.

KOH Camper:  I love all the love that they give me and how pretty it is (at camp).

LEE Parent: He is doing fun, outdoor activities while being challenged to achieve excellence.  He is surrounded by quality friends, mentoring counselors, and top-quality staff.  He is learning how to be a better team player, contributor and leader.

KOH Parent:  I love the energy of the staff, the love.  So far it is the best there than anywhere else in the world…even other camps we have experienced.

LEE Camper:  I liked being friends with the big kids.  They really loved me like we are taught in the Bible.

KOH Parent:  My daughter learned how to live life as the person she aspires to be.  I love the love, the CS, the nurturing of each child’s potential, the encouragement and support of both spiritual growth and development of skills.  Thank you.  Profound gratitude for the work, the dedication, the devotion of all those who make this place possible.

LEE Parent:  This was our son’s first summer at camp and he LOVED it.  He loved learning how to make campfires and tie knots…This was definitely his right place this summer.  He got to meet other Christian Scientists and learn how to use it more.  In one activity he picked the part of healer “because he wanted to be like Jesus”…He came home with a greater understanding of CS and an even bigger, kinder heart and a huge smile.

KOH Parent:  (My daughter) saw why “never say never” is a saying people use.  She tried land sports for the first time (another great aspect of camp-the freedom to try new things!) and excelled in athletics where she never dreamed it was possible.  She once told me “I will NEVER do land sports.”  I know she appreciates the freedom camp allows for personal growth – choosing activities, working toward goals, and the spiritual growth gained by expressing the K-qualities.

LEE Parent: Our son loved every part of camp and did not want to leave when we camp to pick him up.

KOH Parent: Our daughter loves everything about camp: the nature, views, her counselors, friendships, CS, the cabin, singing, campfires, food and especially bacon.  Oh, swimming too.

Her counselors inspire her in so many ways. She has become more organized at home because of camp. So many things she learns and does at camp are evident throughout the school year.

LEE Parent:  The thing our son loves most about camp is the brotherhood.  He learns the practical application of Christian Science, has outstanding role models, and experiences brotherhood and a great, wide variety of activities.

As we pulled away from camp this year, I looked over and big tears were rolling down his cheeks.  He said he just loves his Leelanau brothers so much!

KOH Parent:  Our daughter had an amazing summer filled with many opportunities for growth.  The theme of Kohahna this year was “Living Love” and while I was watching the end of the summer show, I was overwhelmed by the sense of love being expressed.  I knew then that my daughter had been in the right place.

LEE Camper: Some of my favorite things this summer were the 4th of July parade, the flag trip and the LIFE tournament.  I became comfortable with using Christian Science to heal myself without the help of my mom.  I can’t wait to see my friends again next year!

LEE Camper: I’m going into 8th grade now, and camp is just as special for me as it was my first year when I was going into 3rd grade.

LEE Camper:  My favorite part of camp happens when we are having cabin time. I love being pushed to do my best every day and the end result being I leave camp a better person.

KOH Camper:  The atmosphere of friendship was wonderful and everyone at Camp Kohahna was really kind.  The people there made me really want to bring compassion back home…I hope I get to come back next year.

LEE Parent: Our son has matured 1-2 years in four weeks.  The most impactful point to both myself and my husband was our son’s visibly changed disposition and demeanor after camp. The character building, discipline, work ethic, structure and general love of the divine Principle, Love – has provided an environment like none other in which our son has thrived.

It was somewhat of a surprise to him (and a joy to us) to find that the counselors at camp stood in the exact position of his parents in terms of what they expected from him regarding discipline, manners, and behavior in general.  Learning these lessons away from us helped him realize that the lessons were not just arbitrary rules that we were personally requiring him to follow – but rather the universal laws of his heavenly Father, divine Love.

KOH Camper: …immediately upon arrival at camp, you’re embraced by that loving atmosphere. I am just so grateful that I was able to experience that.

LEE Parent:  This year’s camp experience was such a full expression of divine Love meeting every human need that it’s hard to know where to start…With immeasurable love, tireless patience, great compassion, spiritual sense, and the necessary tough-love, the counselors worked with my son to put off self-imposed limitations and successfully complete the CT requirements.  He found – and demonstrated – God-given strengths and capacities within himself that he didn’t think he had. This has provided him with the confidence and moral courage necessary for successfully facing any challenges that may appear during his last year of high school, as well as in college and beyond.  For me, (the biggest blessing) has come from what he learned from the beautiful expressions of true manhood and true fatherhood he witnessed and experienced.

Lee Parent: All my apprehensions and fears of separation fell away as soon as we hit camp ground.  The feeling of Love and our son’s excitement were overwhelming.  I had to grab him in order to get a hug!  That was really a gift.  Then getting to have lunch with old friends was great too.

LEE Camper: I had a great summer this year!  Probably my best year at camp.

KOH Parent: Our daughter came home with a greater understanding of using Christian Science in her daily activity and with her friends. She has a new sense of self-confidence and a more responsible attitude.

LEE Parents: Our son wrote us each week and we could just tell in each letter we received he was building up with more and more excitement within each sentence. We could “hear” the excitement in his words as he could hardly get an entire sentence written without the words, “Camp is awesome!”

KOH Camper: My favorite thing about camp is the friendship. Even though you don’t see them all year when you come back your friends are always there for you.

LEE & KOH Parents: Each year it is a joy to see them joyously separate from their computer, cellular phone, and all the more mundane temptations that culture would put before the, for 3 or 4 weeks.

KOH Parent: My daughter said she has never been in such a loving environment as Camp Kohahna.

LEE Camper: The main thing I learned is God’s ever-present love and protection.

KOH Camper: I learned that God is always there for you and healings can happen instantaneously.

LEE Camper: This past summer was my CT (counselor-in-training) summer and … it was the best summer I have ever had at camp in my seven years going there.

KOH Parent: Our daughter made many friends which she is now keeping in contact with.

LEE Camper: The silver L is a way of having campers see the good in others and award the silver L to those people they see the good in. I decided to take the concept of the silver L and apply it in my life in all aspects at ever second of the day I could. By the end of the first week I was not only seeing the good in all of my friends at camp but also in the situations that didn’t always go according to plan I found that there was always an upside to them. This change in my thought transformed my camp and home experience for the better and I am truly grateful.

KOH & LEE Parents: One of the things my husband and I appreciate most about sending our children to camp is the renewed spirituality that they come home expressing. Both of them told us how it seemed natural to turn to God when they needed help at camp.

This is the sixth year our children have attended camp and my son was able to be a CT this summer. He has come home expressing such strong leadership qualities and also has shown such a renewed sense of confidence.

LEE Camper: Weldon talked about sharing highlights and gratitude before going to bed. He told us that we should also ask ourselves what we learned, who we helped, and who we want to thank. I really liked the idea of asking myself those three questions in addition to the usual highlight and gratitude. After coming home from camp I continue to go through those questions before I go to bed each night. I even shared those questions with some friends of mine who aren’t Christian Scientists.

KOH Camper: This was my first Challenge experience ever, and being one of the two rookies on the Pine team was intimidating. As we set out on the trail, I had to let go of any self-condemnation and fear and just live in the moment. Throughout the trip I faced several personal challenges. The main thing the Pine team Challenge girls and I worked with was gratitude and how it shuts the door on any self-doubt and self-condemnation.

LEE Camper: My counselors were great. They were funny, planned good cabin days and encouraged us to work together. During quiet time when we read the Bible and the Science and Health they would explain words to us and help us to better understand the message of that weeks Lesson.