Assistant Kitchen Manager






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The Mission of Camps Leelanau and Kohahna is to provide exceptional camp
programs that cultivate Christian character and leadership qualities based on the
practical demonstration of Christian Science.

The Mission of the Leelanau Outdoor Center is to provide a transformative
experience that ignites growth in character and a lasting love of the outdoors.

Job Title: Assistant Kitchen Manager

Position Description:
The Assistant Kitchen Manager works closely with the Kitchen Manager to provide
meals and supervision of the kitchen staff. This is a 10 month salaried position.
Patience, understanding, flexibility, and creativity are essential qualities. This
position reports to the Kitchen Manager.

Essential Job Responsibilities:
1. Provide daily metaphysical support for the Camp Leelanau & Kohahna
Foundation, which include active participation in regularly scheduled
metaphysical meetings.
2. Work with the Kitchen Manager, and Camp Directors to keep the kitchen
running, clean, and safe for all users.
3. Prepare healthy, balanced, and nutritious meals.
4. Anticipate needs and be ready to work.
5. Perform other related duties as may be assigned.

Common Job Performance Responsibilities:
1. Leadership – Assume responsibility; lead by example; maintain a positive
attitude; motivate others; be flexible; overcome obstacles; identify
opportunities to improve; initiate assignments.
2. Communication- Communicate clearly, written and verbally; listen
attentively and be receptive to feedback; provide timely, appropriate and
candid feedback; prepare required paperwork.
3. Good Judgement (Wisdom) – Analyze and resolve problems; anticipate
challenges; assess objective and subjective hazards; make decisions
appropriate to situations.
4. Teamwork- Work cooperatively with others; build relationships and team
spirit; treat others with dignity and respect; compromise; address conflict
5. Self Development – Strive to improve performance; understand areas of
strength and areas for growth; desire and effort t enhance skills and develop
new skills; receive feedback.
6. Professionalism – Punctual with assignments and activities. Dress
appropriately for the role; represent LOC and Camp in a positive manner at
public and private events; place LOC and Camp program ahead of personal
needs; maintain confidentiality; avoid discussions of in-house matters with
parents, campers, or others. Utilize vacation and personal time
appropriately; be on time and maintain appropriate hours.
7. Contribute and adhere to the mission, vision, and core values of the
organization through word and action on duty and off. “A Rule for Motives
and Acts” from the Manual of the Mother Church serves as a guideline.

Minimum two years experience. Must be able to lift up to 25 pounds. Camp Leelanau
& Kohahna and LOC, or other Christian Science organization, experience preferred.
Must submit to all required state and accreditation criminal background and driving
checks. Must possess a valid driver’s license and be insurable by foundation
insurance carrier.

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