Cannon Report – Week 1 – 2013

KA-BOOM!! Summer at Camp Leelanau has begun with a BANG!
Opening Day dawned with a cool fog over Port Oneida Road.  As the campers arrived the Brigadoon style mist parted and Camp Leelanau was born again for another amazing summer, ripe with potential for growth and goodness all around!
Monday and Tuesday blurred into one extravaganza of getting to know each other and camp activities like the Famous “Bar Exam” swim test at Bar Lake, Phat Tuesday water polo and picnic at the Dune Climb and Shallows, and morning activities launching into earning levels and, for returning campers, dusting off a few hibernating skills like archery and knot tying in Border Camp.
Wednesday The Lake warmed up by two degrees and the entire cabin of Argosy made a bid for all being perfect dippers on Wednesdays. (we’ll have to see what happens next week).  Cabin Day found kids hiking on the Empire Bluffs, the backside of the dunes, and playing sports at Myles Kimmerly Park.  Also two trips departed for the Back Property and the Manistee River respectively.
Thursday kicked off the first officially “normal” day of camp with morning activities, afternoon activities, and evening activities all planned by the counseling staff, with zero erroneous influence from HQ.  Friday started in that manner, but then we couldn’t not pause to celebrate the boy’s innate humor with the 10th annual “War of Comedic Attrition”!!  This competitive comedy show presented by the members of the North and South Teams was one for the ages.  All of the stops came out as boys donned dresses, impersonated counselors, and expressed their musical talents.  Leelanau has Talent!
On Saturday we brought out the good old fashioned Counelor Hunt in the morning, and practiced tackling in preparation for the Jr. Flag Trip in the afternoon.  And of course the age old tradition of Saturday Night Soccer was not to be missed.
Camp Leelanau for Boys is off and running at full tilt, and we cannot wait for the continued unfoldment of only good as we launch into week number 2!
Thanks for reading, and as always,
The Men of HQ