Cannon Report – Day Camp Week 2 – 2020

Vroom Vroom!!  (wave goodbye to Mom and Dad)

Week Two of Day Camp in the books!

Another amazing week, with unreal warm weather and clear skies.  Holy Smokes, but the Lake is feeling unfairly delightful this summer.

On Monday we re-welcomed our Day Camp kids with an Orientation and a Swim Test.  By Monday evening we were out playing Eight Sticks with Pool Noodles all over the Soccer Field.

Tuesday brought an opportunity for growth and challenge to Cohort 4 as we took them up into the Pairs Ropes Course.  That evening also saw an impressive showdown at our North/South Swim Meet.  There was a photo finish race that proved too close to call.  But by the end of the evening it was clear that the Crib Team are still the dominate crew.

Wednesday and Thursday blended into each other as the kids rolled through their activities in their Cohorts.  With the CT project completed a bit late in the evening on Tuesday, the Leelanau CTs started up on their training program for their Trip to the Upper Peninsula next week.  They found themselves in the woods behind camp practicing their camping skills like fire building, orienteering, canoeing, cooking, and working together as a team.  It’s a great group of young men to have here learning and growing together.

Friday was the last day of “normal Day Camp” with activities and Camo Dodgeball in the evening, because Saturday was the 4th of July!!  What a celebration we had here at Camp!  In the morning we built floats out of our canoe trailers and paraded them for each other past the Lodge.  In the afternoon we did games on the field at various stations all in the effort to rescue George Washington (Weldon)  from the wicked King George (Hunter).  Rest assured, the cohorts were successful and democracy was able to reign!

Sunday was our day of Transition.  Our last day with the Day Camp only kids, and our first day to be able to have folks stay overnight.  There was something magically meaningful about wrapping up Council Fire right on time, but for most of the fellows not having to rush back to the Big Tree, but instead just get a drink from the Box of Rocks, brush your teeth and head to bed.  A wonderful sense of peace laid across the whole Camp.  Our Practitioner put it best when she said we have a “Gentle breeze of Heavenly Affection” blowing across Camp.

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