Cannon Report – Residential Week 1 – 2020


Man, it felt great to wake up campers (and not just the Crib team) with the cannon for the first time this summer! Week One of Residential Camp has been a resounding success!

Monday morning was full of cars pulling in at the Farmhouse and dropping off camps, but these residential campers had a lot more stuff with them than just a knapsack for the day. We were grateful to have our CTs on hand all morning to carry trunks up to the cabins before they left on their trip to the Upper Peninsula Monday afternoon.

Monday afternoon, after a quick orientation in the Lodge, we split up into our first afternoon activity rotation and did our swim test in Lake Michigan, just like during Day Camp. Those day campers who’ve done it three times now are getting really good at swimming to the raft and back! For evening activities, the juniors played a classic game of Bombardment and the seniors played a new game called Frisball (picture kickball but with a frisbee and mini dodgeballs for socially distant tagging).

Tuesday was our first full “normal” day of residential camp. Dips, Quiet Time, Flag Raising, Cleanup, Morning Activities – the whole shebang. Afternoon activities look a little different this year. You’re doing them with all of the campers Since we don’t quite have the space to get everyone down on the beach at once, we are doing a rotation where half of camp is doing their afternoon activity while the other half is down at the beach. If you’re starting on land (doing your afternoon activity first), you’re a Badger, while you’re an Otter if you’re starting in the water with your beach period. We’ve been looking for years for a way to get more woodland creatures into the schedule, and we found a great way to do it! We wrapped up the day with another new game called Tower Defense.

Wednesday was Cabin Day! Highlights included exploring the mud pits, tubing on Glen Lake, biking around and exploring the old barns around Port Oneida, and a travelling Wrestlemania show. We had our weekly Wednesday night service with one of our Algonquin campers giving the readings for us followed by a hymn sing with Kohahna for the oldest cabins.

Thursday night, we drove the whole camp over to the shallows of Glen Lake to play WaPo. This year, we played within our cohorts to allow for proper social distancing, but this just meant there was even more tackling and scoring happening. All in all, it was a fantastic evening.

Friday night was our North vs. South July Madness basketball showdown! We played some knockout, 3-on-3, and finally a full 5-on-5 game with the seniors. It was an evening full of team spirit, hard competition, and great sportsmanship.

Saturday morning we did our morning activities one more time to get the full week’s worth of star-earning, and the rest of the day was filled with classic camp activities. We went out in the afternoon for some tackle practice in the woods, and played soccer after dinner. Talk about a full day!

It has been an awesome, full, first week of residential camp! We can’t wait to welcome even more campers next week!