Cannon Report – Residential Week 2 – 2020

A VroomVroom and a BoomBoom!!

Two Weeks of Day Camp and now Two Weeks of Residential Camp under our belts!  It is hard to believe summer if flying by so fast!

It all started last Sunday with one more Opening Day to bring the entire Family together.  What a joy to meet new campers and see returning campers come out of hibernation.  The sun was bright and the parents were timely when it came to dropping those kiddos off at the barn.  While the parents may miss the long lingering goodbyes at the porch of the cabin, the Leelanau Staff sort of enjoyed the opportunity to embrace these young men with hugs and scoop them directly into Camp.

To have such an abundant group of Campers up at Council Fire was an inspiration!  As the sun set between the islands from a top our sacred spot, Weldon reminded us that Camp is built on Brotherly Love.  As we gathered in our Friendship Circle, with our additional six feet between cohorts, we all had to step behind the benches and sing taps a little louder to be heard.  It’s a good challenge to overcome.  J

On Monday jumped right into our morning activities.  We did swim tests in the afternoon during beach period, and played football and bombardment for evening activity.  Conveniently Bombardment naturally segregates to accommodate social distancing, but we definitely had to get creative for Football.

On Tuesday the evening activities included a Dizzy Bat Sports Battle and a hardy game of Camo Dodgeball.  By Wednesday the heavens were prepared to deluge upon us, so we canceled Cabin Day and played a whole camp game of Human Stratego.  At the end of the game everybody was soaked and smiling from running around in the rain tagging each other with pool noodles and determining who the Flag was for each team.

On Thursday the sunshine returned to dry out all of our sneakers and towels and allow us to resume normally scheduled morning and afternoon activities.  Shawnee loves their bike rides, so they rode to Narada Lake in the morning for fishing and Glen Lake in the afternoon for waterskiing.

Friday found us in the evening at the Glen Lake Schools Softball Diamond once again for North Team and South Team to face off for the Ole Ball Game!  What a game it was too!  North ended up winning with 11 runs after 5 innings.  But South took the Homerun Derby.  Most important of all perhaps is the spirit of competition that was demonstrated.  Sure, we had to wear masks, sure we had to wear latex gloves under our baseball mits, but by golley that didn’t slow the game or the quality of sportsmanship displayed by both teams!

On Saturday we spent the morning finishing activity levels that might have been left undone from either this past week or the previous.  And for the afternoon we picked up rakes and shovels and did a bit of Camp Service.  There was wood to be split, mulch to be raked, litter to be picked up, vans to be washed, and a Tennis Shed to be reroofed.  They boys tackled all of it with great gusto and willingness.

We are already looking forward to and excited for all that Week 5 has to offer.

-From the Desk of HQ