Cannon Report – Residential Week 4 – 2020


How do the weeks fly by so fast?

With the Senior Flag Trip packed and poised to depart, we asked everyone to take a beat and breath on Monday.  So instead of tackling and lashing, we held the Annual Comedic War of Attrition!  The North/South battle of comedy, talents, and improvisation.  I great time was had by all, and some very deep belly laughs were shared too.

On Tuesday morning it was time to send the Senior Flag Trip off into the woods.  Eleven men from each team shouldered their packs and hefted their Jerry Jugs for four days of Capture the Flag, cooking, structure building, and most importantly Glorifying God in all ways.  The balance of Camp continued enjoying regular activities including a glorious evening out on the Dunes.  Jumping, sliding, flipping, and becoming absolutely covered in sand.  Turns out that even when we can’t go out in public we still know a few secret spots that are still secrets.  J

Wednesday was Cabin Day for the Junior Cabins, but any and all seniors that were still back in Camp headed out for their Meatball Trip, which included kayaking around Pyramid Point, cooking at the Cradle, and attempting a rousing game of Bike Polo.

(For those interested the score was still 0-0 on the Flag Trip at the end of the day on Wednesday)

Thursday brought the Meatball crew back into activities in the morning.  Everybody played Bombardment that evening.  And the Senior Flag Trip finally had a score of 4-0 by dinner time.

That evening the Seniors kept up their Flag play and ended the night with a 4-4 tie!  The tying Flag was scored in the final five minutes of the Game!  Very exciting way to wrap things up out there.

Friday morning the Flag Trippers returned to jump in the Lake and clean up their trip.  We let them have a short nap in the afternoon too.  After a heartening meal of Pizza and Milkshakes the Juniors headed to the Soccer Field for their final game of Junior Soccer for the summer, and the seniors headed to the beach to rescue the Raft one more time for the summer.

Saturday we had a nice long sleep in followed by some inspired exercises on the Soccer Field.  Weldon came through the cabins to personally inspect each bed and trunk, and offer some helpful feedback on cabin cleaning in general and specifically that we should be more confident in our work.  We played a game of Eight Sticks on the soccer field for the afternoon, partly to wear the campers out a bit, so the Counselors could be victorious that evening at the Counselor – Camper game of Saturday Night Soccer!!

So much fun all around this week.  So much good and growth accomplished.  We are excited to dive headfirst into our final week of Camp together.  We are certainly feeling blessed!

-From the Desk of HQ