Cannon Report – Week 1 – 2009

Well Kaboom Ladies and Gentlemen!!

It’s Monday evening and this is Johnathon Patzwald, one of the members of H.Q. There are a plethora of familiar sounds in camp coming from the campers on the waterfront, in the cabins, in the woods, and in the Great House.  Camp has officially begun, and we are off to a great start.  The Leelanau Staff has spent the last week preparing metaphysically, cleaning their cabins, planning their activity lessons, and coming together as the 2009 Crib Team.  I am proud to say that were completely ready when the first camper arrived at 9:02!

To prepare the staff spiritually, we’ve had several group quiet times, a metaphysical meeting lead by 1st session practitioner Russel Fogg, 2nd session practitioner Stormy Becker Falso, and veteran camp practitioner Don Wallingford. Can you ask for a better line up to get your thought aligned with God’s harmonious message!?!  After the great presentation by our practitioners, we had Brad Stock, an archival genius on Mary Baker Eddy, read us a collection of articles written about MBE during her lifetime. One of the biggest things that I learned was that Mary Baker Eddy was actually quite a funny woman and had a great sense of humor.

Some recent additions to camp include an elaborate playground that people are calling the “Rustic Village”. We also have new basketball hoops and a giant water trampoline between the girls and boys beach areas.  These additions are sure to create countless memorable moments for the campers this summer.

Our first council fire was a huge success.  It was loud, full of energy, thought provoking, challenging, and it definitely set the tone for the summer.  We had the entire Junior section play a tag game, the Senior’s pretended they were chickens, and Shawnee did the cracker whistle challenge.

Today was the Bar Exam swim test, and we had plenty of kids pass level three, the highest level.  Several of the younger campers said being able to play on the water trampoline was good motivation to swim across Bar Lake and pass level three.    After the swim test, we played a rousing game of tackle the jackal where even Director Glen Johnson got in a few good tackles!

Well it is time to tuck in some seniors and get ready for another day in paradise! Talk to you soon.