Cannon Report – Week 1 – 2010

KABOOM! And the first week is passed!  It has blown by.  Well we left you at the Bar Exam in the last Report, so I’ll pick up there.  Bar Lake was under perfect conditions for the swim test, digging in the sand and tackling, throwing, and diving with the football.  PHAT Tuesday, a modern, mainstay kick-off of the camp season, saw the youngest boys out for a sail on Lake Michigan, lots of tie-dye, the other Juniors climbing the Rock Tower, and the Seniors heating up the Glen Lake Shallows with some Water Polo!  The entire camp met together at Little Glen for a picnic dinner – gotta love that chicken!

Our first Cabin Day on Wednesday, had the boys on the camp property playing, (or building, for some), and getting to know one another.  One cabin even had an interactive, brownie-baking scavenger hunt!  Later, we basked in nature’s glory on top of the hill; the whole camp was together for our first evening Testimony Meeting.

Trips launched on Thursday.  Canoeing on the classic Pine River accepted boys from the cabins of Tortuga through Shoshonis.  And the oldest boys of the cabin of Cherokee tested out a new hybrid adventure – rock climbing on real cliffs in southern Michigan and then canoeing on the Pere Marquette River!  Lots of trips to look forward to next week, including the annual favorite, Pictured Rocks.

Saturday evening, we christened the new soccer field in all of its level glory.  A big THANKS to everyone who has helped make the field renovation possible and thanks to all who will come enjoy it!  We continued our celebration of football (soccer) with World Cup Day on Sunday afternoon.  The energy and hilarity could not be contained!

Council Fire was a perfect summation of our week, continuing the vivacity and Love always present.  We heard a lesson on the fearlessness and protection granted by trust in God, as expressed by Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.  We closed with a reminder of the longevity of friendships begun and started at Leelanau.

Alright, time to get back into it!!  Good week and good luck…