Cannon Report – Opening Day – 2010

Summer of 2010 has finally arrived. We had a sunny and eventful opening day. As many of you know, we have a new building in camp this summer: The Leelanau Lodge. On Sunday, Camp’s Board of Directors hosted the opening ceremony. Special guest, Clark Shutt, drove up from St. Louis to be here for this celebration and shared a few words of inspiration. Also sharing words of wisdom were Board Chair Marilyn Rinker, Whip Weaver-Member Emeritus, and our Camp Practitioner Don Wallingford. Jim Cooley was also on hand whose company, Cooley Construction, erected the building over the course of the last year.

After the ceremony, the campers and staff headed down to the beach for fun in the sun. The lake was refreshing and our new (at least for the three week session) water slide provided campers with lots of memorable moments. Following Flag Lowering, we were joined by Kohahna at the new lodge for our weekly cookout. With level picnic tables and a newly leveled playing field, kids of all ages enjoyed the food and our traditional game of elbow tag.

Our first Council Fire commenced with the telling of the David and Goliath story to highlight the importance of overcoming the obstacles in our life no matter how big they seem to be. Don Quitter, a camp alum, was on hand for his son Cole’s first Council Fire, and he shared an exciting account of his first senior Flag Trip that illustrated the need for taking advantage of each moment. Glenn Johnson, our camp director, also spoke about challenging ourselves to be excellent and to improve upon each day.

With a full week of camp ahead of us, we have set the bar high. Here at Camp Leelanau for Boys, excellence is our standard, and we strive for it in everything that we do.

It’s time to head off to the Bar Exam, and another beautiful day here at Pyramid Point.

Until next time…