Cannon Report – Week 2 – 2012

A week for the Olympians!  I assure you Camp Leelanau did not take a pagan turn, though we did celebrate the 2012 Summer Olympics last Sunday with relay races, track events, swimming races, and an archery competition! 

The whole week was filled with what many consider to be “perfect Michigan weather”; bright sun, clear skies, a waxing crescent moon setting into the lake every evening, just hot enough to make beach period awesome, but not so hot that running up to Flag is unbearable.  In fact, perfect.

Monday brought the Juniors out to “Canada” where they played the Junior Flag Trip.  Many great skills were learned, tackles made, flags captured, and cheesy pasta consumed.  Check out the short video of the trip right here.

While the Juniors where away, and our oldest of boys were out braving the waters of Lake Superior on the Pictured Rocks Trip, the 16 boys we had left in camp had a delightful backyard barbeque in Maple City. 

On Wednesday we loaded up the Big Blue Bus and headed out to deliver each cabin to a unique spot for Cabin Day!  Iroquois biked the new Heritage Trail from Glen Arbor to the Dune Climb, Argosy canoed the Crystal River, Barbados played in South Bar Lake, and Ojibwa did a photo scavenger hunt in Glen Arbor.  That is just a smattering of the good activities the cabins found to share in together.

By Friday we had all of the trips home, the CT’s in camp, and all hands on deck prepared for the 9th Annual “War of Comedic Attrition”, this is a North/ South sketch comedy competition that showcases the talents and wit of both teams in a inclusive and hilarious manner. 

Saturday included more team activities, but we traded the stage and the sound system for cleats and the soccer field as we played North/South Frisbutt.  The teams were evenly matched as we had to go into a sudden death overtime to determine a winner!

We studied the lesson on God all week long, send up our praise and gratitude for all of the good we received this week, and are looking forward, ready and waiting for more!

Thanks for reading,

The Men of HQ