Cannon Report – Week 1 – 2012

The first week of Camp wows audiences!  Unprecedented crowds gather at 1653 Port Oneida Rd. to witness the fun, joy, and growth in Christian character.

That is correct, children and parents alike are raving about the amazing first week at Camp Leelanau for Boys. 

Starting off with a bang HQ led an enthusiastic opening Council Fire; as counselors introduced themselves and their activities, campers engaged in good ole fashioned challenges and relays.  Weldon took a serious moment towards the end to remind them of the Love that pervades Pyramid Point and noted that everyone here is a part of that atmosphere of Love.

Monday brought the Bar Exam, where even a few early birds earned their level 3 swimmers by traveling all the way across Bar Lake.  Tuesday they gathered together for Phat Tuesday and celebrated our camp family with water polo and a picnic at the Shallows.  Jaime Eichar got the whole thing on video which you can find on Camp’s smugmug site: here.  Wednesday found the boys all over camp for cabin day, the mud pits where a huge hit, as was the cherry pie baked by Argosy.  Thursday saw eight brave backwoodsmen head off to the Pine River, and the Senior section enjoy a C.S. Lecture up in Leland.  Friday, always a highlight, Pizza and Milkshakes with Jr. Soccer is a day that is hard to compete with.  Saturday the whole camp headed to the backside of the dunes for some highflying adventure.

All in all a wonderful week to kick off the summer, and the Boys look forward to more yet to come!

From the desk of HQ, a little bit of cowboy wisdom…this is number 15 and it’s a good one:  “Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance.”

Thanks for reading,

The Men of HQ