Cannon Report – Week 1 – 2014


Cannon REEport!

The summer blew open with a bang!  Opening Day brought bright and blustery skies as we welcomed 20 brand new campers, and a whole bunch of old ones.  The sun shone upon us as we climbed to Council Fire that night to open Camp and share with everybody Oh Wha Ta Goo Siam!

Monday found the boys busily attending their morning activities and then taking Bar Lake by storm for our annual swim test.  The Bar Exam!

Tuesday dawned with rain in the sky, but a little rain can’t slow down Camp Leelanau for Boys. The sky’s parted in the afternoon for a beautiful Phat Tuesday, which always ends with a picnic at the Shallows and Captain elections.

The Spirit of the Manitou descended while the boys slept, and Wednesday morning found all of our new campers soundly assigned to the North and South Teams.  Wednesday also brought our first Cabin Day of the summer and the boys explored all corners of Camp on various bike rides, scavenger hunts, and fort building missions.

Thursday we finally settled into the good old routine of morning activities, bowl meeting, Senior Store day, rest hour, afternoon activity, beach period, flag, dinner, and evening activities.  Four days deep, and finally our new campers have a glimpse of a normal schedule.

This whole normal schedule thing flew right out the window, as the heavens opened upon us once again, and Friday found the campers searching Camp with well placed clues for our morning Counselor Hunt.  The afternoon brought more sheets of rain and an enjoyable, though high volume, indoor beach period in the lodge.  Rest assured, the rain cleared out by dinner and ET Ball and Bombardment were not missed out on for evening activity.

Saturday brought cooler temps, but no rain, so normal morning activities were made up, and a trip with the whole Camp to the Backside of the Dunes for a little Dune Football was in order before Saturday Night Soccer, Performance, and Movie.

One week down.  Six to go.

One other note: The CT boys gave a wonderful, though unseen, gift to Camp this week.  They worked hard, learned to use carpentry tools, and learned a thing or two about precision and having to redo substandard work, as they created copious shelving in the basement of the new farmhouse.  Thank you CTs!

And thank you, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, Sunday School Teachers, and friends that sent their young men to Leelanau this summer, for committing to an amazing spiritual journey and a significant step towards being a Man of Character.  A Man of Leelanau.

From the desk of HQ