Cannon Report – Week 1 – 2016

Ka….BOOM!!  Summer has begun!

Excited young men came streaming out of minivans and SUVs on Sunday; laden with pillows, lacrosse sticks, and toiletry buckets; and filled to the brim with excitement for the coming weeks!

Council Fire welcomed the newest members of the Leelanau Brotherhood with a blessing from the Great Siam J, and kicked off the Summer on the right foot with a cherished rendition of “Jason and the Argonauts” as told by Whip Weaver.

Monday found the boys diving into their weekly activities in the morning and diving into Bar Lake for the Swim Test in the afternoon.  (If you are a second half camper or parent reading this in anticipation of your session’s arrival be sure to check out the written description of the Bar Exam elsewhere on our website.)

Tuesday is a traditional favorite for the fellows because we call that day Phat Tuesday.  We focus the day on getting to know our cabin mates better as well as learning the names of everybody in Camp.  Of course there is a little fun to be had in there too.

The weather on Wednesday couldn’t have been better!  For the Boy’s first Cabin Day the sun blazed down on the groups heading to Pyramid Point, seeking Petoskey Stones on the Beach, and playing on the Zip Line.  We topped the day off with an inspired Wednesday Testimony Meeting at a new hillside overlooking Sleeping Bear Bay.

On Thursday we finally had a fully normal day of Camp!  With morning and afternoon activities, Junior Bombardment in the evening and a spirited game of E.T. Ball for the Seniors. 

One special event for Thursday is that we brought back Charter Fishing.  We took five young men out on a boat on Lake Michigan and they reeled in seven large Lake Trout that we cooked up at Sunday Night Cookout!

Friday found Leelanau wrapping up achievement levels in their activities and playing Junior Soccer after their favorite meal of Pizza and Milkshakes.

Saturday we took the whole crew to the Backside of the Dunes for some Dune Football and spent the afternoon giving back to Camp with some Camp Service.  Pastures got mucked, dirt got moved, sticks got picked up, trash got collected, and all of the boys learned a lesson in doing hard work for the place they love.

One week down and we can’t believe it went so fast.  The Men of HQ are working hard to savor every moment, and can’t wait for Week 2!