Cannon Report – Week 1 – 2018


Week 1 is already in the books!  It went by faster than Donald Keough running to dips.  (He is consistently the first one down to the changing cabin, once even beating the CTs to their great chagrin.)

Opening Day dawned warm and humid, and after we got the parents on their way, the beach was a welcome respite for all!  Council fire invited 10 new campers and 7 new counselors to learn the specific breed of Siamese Goose they are.  (Another inside joke, sorry!)

Monday brought rain and allowed us a little more time in the cabins to get to know each other and create skits to introduce each other to the rest of Camp.  In the afternoon the skies cleared and we took Bar Lake by storm for our somewhat newly revamped Bar Exam (or swim test.)  The revamping allowed even more time for good wholesome play with footballs, dune jumps, sand castles, and kid launching.

Phat Tuesday brought out all the wacky costumes for both campers and counselors, In the morning we finally settled into our normal morning activity routine, but the afternoon sent the Seniors to the Shallows for Water Polo and the Juniors to the Zipline, rocket launching, and the Frontside of the Dunes.  We all gathered at the Shallows Picnic Area for games and a scrumptious dinner of “Super Chicken.” Captains were elected, congrats to William Johnson and Liam Hubbard of the North Team and Alex Reyes and Joe Coolidge of the South Team!

Wednesday is synonymous with Cabin Day!  We had folks all over Camp playing sports, building forts, hiking to Pyramid Point, cooking over a fire, and scavenger hunting with joy and enthusiasm.

Thursday we sent our littlest campers off on an overnight to the Platte Plains where they hiked two miles, cooked yummy food, played in Lake Michigan, and slept in a tent.  The rest of Camp attended a Christian Science Lecture in Glen Arbor.

If Wednesday means Cabin Day in Leelanau-ese, then Friday means Pizza and Milkshakes for dinner!  The campers know that Weldon and HQ like to shake things up in the Camp Schedule and try new things, but even those guys aren’t dumb enough to try and change something as sacrosanct as Friday Night Pizza and Milkshakes!  And they were totally worth the yearlong wait since last summer!  Yummy!

Saturday dawned a little bit cooler, so the afternoon beach plan shifted wisely to North-South Team Games.  Basketball, Bombardment, Hungry-Hungry Hippos brought out the best sort of competitive spirit in the boys on the Leelanau Courts.

We can’t wait to for all the good that is going to unfold next week!

-From the Desk of HQ