Cannon Report – Week 1 – 2019

Kaboom!  And week one has us off and running!

Cold water and cooler evenings don’t slow down the fellas at Camp Leelanau.  Not one bit!

Sunday dawned clear and crisp and we welcomed a whole load of boys to Camp.  Minivans and SUV’s pulled up with excited campers and green clad counselors swarmed to embrace them.

Thirteen brand new to Leelanau kiddos began their journey on Sunday morning.  Cowboy boots, tennis rackets, toiletry tubs, and everything else you might imagine came along with those feelings of thrill for something new, a little wide-eyed at the size of the CTs and kids in Cherokee, and certainty that Camp Leelanau is their new home!

On Monday we kicked things off with some great teamwork and get to know you games, like GaGa Ball, Human Foosball, and Initiatives, before heading to Bar Lake in the afternoon.  The Annual Bar Exam is a hollowed rite of passage for every Leelanau Camper.  We ask the kids to tread, float, and swim to determine the appropriate morning activities for them.  Full disclosure, the water was chilly, but many brave souls were not deterred.  Even a few kids in Argosy and Black Swan, our youngest two cabins, completed their Level 3!

For dinner the Big Blue Bus swung over to the Shallows for a picnic of fried chicken and salads. This is one of our favorite evenings, because we also get Captain Elections – Congrats to John Moore of the North Team and Walker Evans of the South Team – and explain the Team process here at Camp.

On Tuesday we finally settled into our regular morning activities, and twang, bang, and splash, just like that Archery, Riflery, and Kayaking were operating full force.

On Wednesday in the afternoon we piled into the vans for an Off Camp Cabin Day!  A perennial favorite of the Campers we sent kids to the Empire Bluffs, the Dunes, the Crystal River, and the Empire Beach playground.  Stories were shared among all at Dinner and a few testimony worthy healings occurred that were expertly shared during Church that night.

On Thursday the Juniors played a fierce game of Soccer while the Seniors met each other on the Basketball Court. Friday brought us all back to the Big Blue Bus for an evening of Water Polo for the Seniors and frolicking on the Front Side of the Dunes for the Juniors.  Don’t worry Mom’s everybody showered Friday night after all that ruckus.

Saturday morning allowed us to sleep in a little bit and then we engaged in a lively morning of North vs. South competition.  The Juniors played GaGa Ball for Stars, the Seniors did Competitive Mucking for Stars, and the whole Camp played a hardy game of Nuke’Em on the Volleyball Court.  Congrats to North Juniors, South Seniors, and the South Team on those events.

A few more noteworthy notes from Week 1:

The CT Boys completed their service project of building a New Blacksmith Shop for us while also filling the firewood sheds all over Camp.  A hat tip to their Counselor Colin Saad for holding a high standard for each them as they learned to be both Carpenters and Wood splitters.

Lastly, and probably most significant, Sam Schulze, first year camper of Argosy, was recognized as the only kid in the Junior Section to turn in his Laundry with all of his Socks turned the right side out!  This kid, his parents, and counselors deserve an Ole!!

Can’t wait to dive into Week 2 with all of these fabulous kids!

– From the Desk of HQ