Cannon Report – Week 1 – 2021


And we are off and running into Summer! And the Sammy 5000 is already working overtime.  The Sammy 5000 is HQ’s computer, tasked with calculating Star Totals, tabulating Inspection Results, coordinating with the Spirit of the Manitou on Team assignments, and all of Camp Leelanau’s computation needs.

Well, with Week One in the books, it seems like a good time to share a few of the numbers the ole Sammy spit out this week:

Number of kids arrived on Sunday for Opening Day: 52
Number of kids wearing the proper clothing for Council Fire: 48
Number of kids in Black Swan: 4


Number of degrees on Monday Afternoon for the Bar Exam: 54
Number of kids that passed the swim test in that weather: 5
Number of degrees on Tuesday Afternoon for the rescheduled Swim Test for the Juniors: 64
Number of kids that passed the swim test that day: 45

Feeling pretty good about that decision.

Number of Lessons the CTs received on their Night Hike with Weldon and Pippi on Monday: 26
Number of nails bent while building the CT project:  112
Number of times the CTs referred to lesson #12 about Perseverance while bending nails for their project:  17

(at least those were the ones that were stated out loud.)

Number of Cabins we are using this session: 7
Number of Cabin Days that opted for something on dry land: 6
Number of times the kids in Cherokee had to be towed on their paddleboards because the wind was so strong around Pyramid Point:  16
Number of Minutes late Cherokee was to Flag Lowering that night: 0

Strong work Cherokee Campers and Counselors, but maybe next time don’t try and Paddleboard to the Shipwreck with such a firm southwest wind.  J

Number of Dodgeballs at Camp Leelanau:25
Number of Dodgeballs needed for Junior Bombardment: 12
Number of Dodgeballs used for Camo Dodgeball with the Seniors: 13
Number of Dodgeballs now at Camp Leelanau: 15

Seniors aren’t the best at finding the Dodgeballs in the woods after a hearty evening activity of Camo Dodgeball, maybe if all of Leelanau’s Dodgeballs weren’t Leelanau Green…Hmmm.

Number of Days since we’ve had Rain in Leelanau County Prior to Monday: 43
Number of inches of rain received at Camp between Monday and Sunday:  38
Number of pairs of dry socks and shoes in Camp Leelanau: 0

It’s been a wet one this week, but the spirits have not once been dampened.  The opportunities to play together in the Lodge, to run around in the rain playing Human Stratego or Zesty Capture the Flag, to slide around at Saturday Night Soccer, and celebrate each other in new ways have only made this Camp more united, enthusiastic, and ready to roll into Week 2!