Cannon Report – Week 1 – 2022

Ahoy, Director Nut, your joyful and cuddly Waterfront Director, here to deliver the Weekly Report from the eyes of Lake Michigan.

It is wonderful to see all those land-loving scallywags back at good ole’ Camp Leelanau for Boys. Sunday afternoon brought them all down to my beach for some “Welcome Home to Camp” frolicking. They spent a little too much time on the Courts, in my opinion, before jumping into that great big, beautiful Lake I call home.

That evening at Council Fire the “Great Siam” called down with an important message for all of the First Year Campers. Though I noticed that while they called “Oh Wa” to the Sky, and “Ta Goo” to the Trees, and “Siam” to the Ground, they never mention anything about the Lake. Seems like an oversight, I’ll be sure rectify that in 2nd Session.

On Monday Lake Michigan and I kicked up a Small Craft Advisory during Morning Activities. It’s probably best for those sailors and sea kayakers to learn a little early respect for our Waterfront. We are not to be taken lightly.

So, Monday afternoon we headed over to North Bar Lake for the annual Bar Exam. While I am working towards a Law Degree, this particular little assessment does not change state by state, but in fact universally assesses the Camper’s readiness for Water-based Activities. It pleases me to say that a large portion of our Camp are competent and boat safe swimmers. For those that are not…well, I guess there is always room in Borja’s swimming class.

On Tuesday, again, we kicked up a Small Craft just to remind those Poznick’s who is really in charge around here. Without Lake Michigan to play in, and a very warm day developing, I conceded and allowed a different body of water to be utilized by Camp. We took the crew over to the Shallows on Little Glen Lake for a rowdy game of Water Polo and a fun picnic on the lawn right there.

By Wednesday it was clear we needed to get some sailors and sea kayakers out onto the Lake. We kept it warm throughout the day too, to ensure that every single Cabin Day ended on our beach with a dip, a splash, or a full swim around. The kids loved it, and that is what Lake Michigan, and I are really here for.

On Thursday, Lake Michigan and I thought it would be good to up the ante a little bit, so we took five brave young men out on the Charter Fishing Boat, and sailed way out on the Big Water to catch some very substantial Lake Trout. Those will be good eatin’ on Sunday at Cookout.

On Friday, I cooked up some more big waves in the morning, and converted a few afternoon activities from boating to body surfing by coaxing my buddy, Lake Michigan, into a goodly stir. But calmed things down nicely by the end of evening activity so the Seniors could enjoy a beautiful sunset Soap Dip.

What an amazing first Week for Lake Michigan and myself. I’m sure HQ thinks we accomplished other things this week, but let’s be honest, this was the important stuff!

Signed – Director Nut.

– From the Dest of HQ