Cannon Report – Week 1 – Day Camp Week 1 – 2020

Ka Boom?

Or should we say Va Room!!

Instead of the Cannon kicking off a Camp morning this year, we begin with a Car or Minivan tearing down Port Oneida Road toward the Big Tree.

The Day Camp days are upon us, and what a wonderful opportunity it is!  The phrase we are using around here is that we are “emerging gently” into Summer Camp, and what a fun way to kick things off.

After a shuffling herd of knapsack wearing and stuffed animal (for rest hour) clutching Day Campers made their way through a Monday morning Flag Raising, Breakfast, and Quiet Time we kicked into an enthusiastic Orientation with the Ground Rules laid and Introductions made.

Then swim-test for all!  With Bar Lake not being accessible to us these days, we did the ole Lake Michigan Raft swim, and boy did these kids earn their Level 3 this time around.  Wow.  Brisk June water means these boys must really want to go waterskiing this summer!  Our evening activity was a Co-Ed Indoor Bonfire with joyous Camp Songs, Skits, and Stories shared before our daily evening dip, and happy and dripping back to the Big Tree for Pick-Up.

A moment of hilarious confusion on nomenclature occurred among the Crib Team on Tuesday morning.  The counselors kept referring to morning Pick-Up and evening Drop-Off.  Now a parent would probably have switched those around.  It’s a testament to how excited these counselors are each day to “Pick-Up” their Campers from the parents for the day.  And the end of the day is the reluctant “Drop-Off” back at the Big Tree when we have to give the kids back.

Our Tuesday evening activity was a Socially Distant game of Bombardment, where we paired cohorts, but also assigned zones of the court that cohort would be allowed to play in.  It was fun watching the oldest kids try and toss out intercepting fire to protect their littlest teammates because they couldn’t actually stand in front of them like in other years.

On Wednesday, you might ask “what did we do for Cabin Day?”  Well during Day Camp, and perhaps the whole summer, every day is Cabin Day as we follow our Cohorts from one activity to the next and sample all of the best Activities that Camp has to offer.  Including of course an inspired Wednesday evening service provided by the Leelanau CTs.

Thursday evening brought out a little Team Spirit as the North and South teams competed in a Socially Distant game of Kickball, played with a Frisbee and Dodgeballs to keep folks more spread out on the field.  Friday evening we joined Kohahna for a Counselor Fashion Show.  And Saturday night we still played Soccer.  It was Socially Distant Soccer, but it was awesome.  It was awesome because it meant that more people touched the ball and supported their team.

It has been an amazing first week of this experiment we are calling Day Camp and we are already looking forward to doing it again next week!

– From the Desk of HQ