Cannon Report – Week 2 – 2008

A View from the Director’s Chair

Someone PLEASE slow the summer down!! This week at Leelanau was our week to get all the campers out on trips. We all woke up on Monday with clear blue skies and our sleeping bags packed and headed out to our various destinations. Here’s the scoop straight from the bus driver himself.

Argosy and Black Swan jumped in their canoes with their counselors and spent Monday and Tuesday morning canoeing the upper Betsie River. The enthusiasm level was off the charts as they got in their canoes and their flotilla headed out. Tales of snakes, turtles, and HUGE fish were heard as we picked them up on Tuesday.

Barbados and Sea Hornet climbed aboard the Manitou Isle and ferried over to North Manitou for three days of hiking and exploring. They split up and headed in different directions. This mighty band of young men were undaunted and loved the challenge of making their way around the island. I picked them up on Wednesday and their spirits were seen heard in the songs they sang on the bus ride back to camp.

Iroquois and Shoshonis spent their three days canoeing the lower portion of the mighty Betsie River. To quote Paul Olsen who went along, “I was truly struck by the awe-inspiring scenic splendor of the Betsie. The moderate current made it a lot of fun for the boys.” I picked them up in the rain on Wednesday and loved hearing the stories as they enjoyed a bit ‘Old Maid’ with a pie on the way home.

The boys of Cherokee headed out at first light on Monday and headed for Pictured Rocks in the Upper Peninsula where they split into kayaking and hiking groups.

Our veteran sailing counselor now turned trips counselor took Joey’s cabin of Shawnee on a sailing trip from our beach down to just south of Empire. The amazing thing about this trip is that they had the most favorable winds going down and coming home. To quote Eli, “The trip home was the best! It ranks up there in my top sailing experiences ever.”

The 4th of July on Friday was filled with sunny skies, parades, games, and lots of smiles! We decorated the Blue Bus and joined in on the parade in Glen Arbor. The afternoon was spent in teams competing in all sorts of fun events. The Martha Washington team took top honors at days end.

Stay tuned next week to hear of more adventures at Camp Leelanau!