Cannon Report – Week 2 – 2009

Kaboom Camp Families,

Week 1 has come and gone here at Pyramid Point, and what a week it was. After a harmonious opening weekend, we jumped into our daily activities. With the temperatures reaching into the 80’s for most of the week, campers enthusiastically dipped in the morning. As the water has warmed, the energy on the waterfront has continued to climb, which has been helped by the addition of our new water trampoline.

On Phat Tuesday, we began the day with regularly scheduled activities before mixing things up in the afternoon. The junior section played the Survival Game in the afternoon, which is a tag game played in the woods based on predator vs. prey relationships. Each camper was able to play in two of the three roles of herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore. Afterwards, the juniors headed down for some relaxing time on our waterfront. The senior section participated in a large scavenger hunt around camp including finding a Petoskey stone, getting some words of wisdom from the kitchen staff, and a woodchip depicting a favorite bible scene. Then, all of the seniors got on the big blue bus and headed to the shallows for a rousing game of water polo. The evening was capped off by a delicious picnic dinner followed by the North and South team captain elections. Henry Ryan and Charlie Busch were elected as the North team’s captain and co-captain respectively. And, Jimmy Ray and Copper Stock were elected as the South’s team captain and co-captain.

We had a very harmonious rest of the week, which involved a co-ed afternoon activity on Sunday based on the Harry Potter series. Campers were divided up into teams and traveled around to different stations searching for horcruxes and rescuing their fellow teammates. They even played a muggle (non-magical) version of Quidditch getting to chase Phil Riley, who played the role of the golden snitch.

Monday was a day that belonged to the trips program. The Pictured Rocks trip, a kayaking and hiking adventure, woke up at 6am, dipped in Lake Michigan and departed around 7am. The rest of camp went to morning activities before packing and departing for their respective trips. The remaining seniors went over to the DH Day campground for the stealth trip while the entire junior section, lead by the CT’s, traveled to our back property for the junior flag trip.

We have enjoyed an amazing first week, and for all of the three week campers, we have reached the halfway point in the session. It is time for flag. Until next time.