Cannon Report – Week 2 – 2014

Week Two!  I hope you didn’t blink!

Sunday gave us bright warm sun and a hilarious co-ed event celebrating the World Cup on our Soccer Field.  The kids were placed in teams with their Kohahna Sisters and competed against each other in events representing the different nations that participate in the World Cup.  The Australian Outback Obstacle Course (complete with accents) was a highlight for many!

Monday found the entire Junior section and CTs packing up for their long journey to “Canada” where they played the Junior Flag Trip and demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and team spirit.  Seven burly young men also packed their packs Monday morning and headed up to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore for four days of hiking along Lake Superior’s coast.  The final seven campers in Camp went tubing, played Frisbee Golf, and had a picnic in order to avoid having to eat dinner with Kohahna.

Tuesday brought the return of the Juniors and normal activity were able to resume.  The youngsters were pretty tired after a night of sleeping in tents, so the Early Bird evening activity became story-time in the Lodge with Weldon. (Which is code for fall asleep on the gym mats in the Lodge immediately after dinner.)

Wednesday the boys were able to enjoy their first Off Camp Cabin Day!  We had groups on the Crystal River, at Empire Bluffs, Old Mission Peninsula, and just about every place in Leelanau County in-between.  Although it was a cooler day and evening, our Church Service on the Hill was one of inspired sharing, the kids were popping up to testify faster than a good game of “Whack-a-Mole”.

Thursday the Sun found Camp Leelanau for Boys, and the morning activities, afternoon activities, and evening activities had a welcome glow of joy as the much missed sunshine reinvigorated our souls.

Friday the Spirit of the Manitou called HQ and informed them that there had not been nearly enough North/South Competition thus far in the summer.  The Comedic War of Attrition was promptly planned for and performed that very day.  For those that aren’t familiar with the CWofA, it is a battle of comedy acts; both scripted and improve, as well as expressions of musical ability and true talent.  Best of all it is an opportunity for every single camper to get on stage and perform in front of an incredibly supportive and loving audience.

Saturday HQ was still feeling the scolding from that old Spirit of the Manitou so team games, of soccer and kickball, North v. South were played in the morning as we also said good by to our two week campers, with a tear in our eye.  That afternoon the boys rolled up their sleeves and participated in a little Camp Service where we got the corral mucked, the vans washed, and trash picked up.  Everybody really appreciated the dip in the Lake after that one!

It is hard to believe that two weeks have already flown by, and we look forward to really sucking the marrow out of each and every moment in this upcoming final week with our three-week campers!

From the Desk of HQ.