Cannon Report – Week 2 – 2015

Mike Wise

a.k.a. Qwise

Camp Leelanau Week 3 Council Fire Rap

(Marshall McCurties a.k.a Big Shall Nasty is in Canada on CT Trip)


Week two is through but the memories last a lifetime,

Can’t choose your favorite? Let me throw you a lifeline,

We had a great time, at the J Flag to start the week,

Then went to Glen Arbor to hear Mark McCurties speak,

This week had cool activities like Canadian Cricket,

Or classic fun with Joe and EO hiding in a thicket,

And we just kicked it, with Early Bird stories,

Lesson reading and good ol’ quiet time allegories,

Don’t forget Pictured Rocks, they had quite a trek,

While seniors played pirates and caused a big shipwreck,

And I expect, that the 4th was a highlight,

The rough riders, the parade, and s’mores in the moonlight,

These two weeks were out of sight, for many one more to go,

So here’s a challenge so you can reap what you sow,

Try something you don’t know, get out your comfort zone,

Do a new activity that you can’t do at home,

And challenge yourself, you can always give more,

Get that next level or you can even get your Core

Camper, matter can’t damper all our good, so make a stand for,

Your Leelanau brethren, put your hand out,

Take time to plan how you’ll stand out,

Shall left me with the mic, new HQ for hire?

All candidates put your hand out as I run around this fire.