Cannon Report – Week 2 – 2016

You might think the dust would settle and the Leelanau Routine would be fully installed by this time.  If you thought that…you are wrong!

The dust never settles at Camp Leelanau for Boys and we’ve been kicking up more each day since summer began.

First thing Monday morning we sent eight young men and four counselors to hike the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  They dipped daily in frigid Lake Superior and learned many lessons only the trail can teach.

Speaking of Trips and Lessons of the Trail – The Junior Flag Trip also occurred this week.  All of the Junior Section donned their camouflage garb and loaded the Big Blue Bus for the “long” (five minute) journey to “Canada” (our back meadow).  After a tasty box lunch they broke up into their North and South Teams and established their sites in the woods.

The South Team came out victorious after a busy afternoon of raiding and defending on both sides.

The CT’s paid the Juniors a visit and helped them cook dinner over a fire, eat s’mores, and tuck into bed.  Thanks CTs!

Speaking of CTs, they certainly had a unique week.  J With an impending Canoe Trip to Canada (the real one[passports, moose, mosquitoes the size of Bald Eagles])

the CTs spent some quality time on the Crystal, Platte, Pine, and Boardman Rivers learning to keep their gunwales dry.  Needless to say it was an educational experience for all and we’ll all be knowing that God is in Canada too.  J

Speaking of God, also the topic of the lesson this week.  The whole Boys Camp has really dug into their deepening understanding of God throughout the week.  In one Cabin that depth came in the form of better understanding brotherly love as a reflection of God’s Love.  For many of the young men it came in the form of obeying Principle this week, and learning to embrace order and decorum in our dining room.  Wink, wink, you are welcome Mothers!

Speaking of Mothers, we saw a few of them on Saturday as we said good-bye to our two-week Campers.  It was sad to see our brothers depart, but with the knowledge that they will be returning next year, and their first year plaque in their hands, we embraced them and turned back to our North/South Team Games of Frisbut and Soccer.  It was great to see such brotherly love, sportsmanship, and competition expressed Saturday morning.

Speaking of Competition, we held the first in a great many years Backwoodsman Tennis Tournament on Monday.  True Players from the Cabins of Tortuga, Barbados, and Iroquois faced off at the courts for many hard earned matches.

The other significant competition that occurred this week is our well favored “War of Comedic Attrition” the North/South comedy talent variety show that allows the boys to showcase their comedic and performance chops.  The North Team won the night overall, in spite of the South Team absolutely trouncing them in the Competitive Improv Game called Questions Only.

Speaking of Questions, HQ has to ask:  How is it the end of week two already?  With only one week left in the session we are turning things up even more to give and live the good that surrounds us each and every day!