Cannon Report – Week 2 – 2017

Holy Moly.  Week Two is come and gone!!

A different way to look at the week in review is to dig into HQ’s Sammy 5000 and take a look at the numbers it produced throughout the week.

53 – Flags North Juniors scored on Monday afternoon at the Junior Flag Trip.

47 – Flags South Juniors scored on Monday afternoon.

89 – Smores consumed after the Junior Flag Trip was completed. (there were only 15 Juniors, and 3 counselors out there that night, but 8 CTs including Baxter “Hollow-Leg” Fuhrmann himself.)

-4 – Josh Miller’s score at Frisbee golf when he hosted the Senior section at Myles Kimmerly Park.

+73 – Number of hotdogs, brats and kielbasas the Seniors consumed after Frisbee Golf.

8:13 – The time the Juniors were in bed on Tuesday evening because the Junior Flag Trip took it out of them.

6.2 – Hours in the van for the folks that drove up to Pictured Rocks on Monday to begin their Hiking and Kayaking Trips.

.2 – Hours that William Johnson stayed awake during that van ride.

5.4- Inches of rain we received throughout Wednesday, inspiring us to cancel Cabin Day in favor of playing Human Stratego as a whole Camp.

2 – Number of horses that escaped their corral while we were playing Human Stratego and began eating the grass on the Soccer Field.

23 – Average number of seconds we waited between testimonies during our Wednesday Evening Service.  (Weldon found this to be too long and proceeded to teach a lesson on giving gratitude and seeing the service as an opportunity to give of yourself.)

5 – Number of Lake Trout the kids reeled in during Charter Fishing on Thursday.

1 – Number of Lake Trout that got away. L

1 – Number of standing ovations following William Smith’s a cappella rendition of Hallelujah.  (Amazing!!)

15 – Number of times Porter Kendall made us all crack up during our North-South competitive comedy and talent show.

1 – Number of weeks left in the session and the pedal is already to the metal.  We are looking forward to one final amazing week with these kids!

Till next time,

The Men of HQ